Momma Stays Up Late-ish and Watches the Teen Choice Awards and then Blogs About it, Because She Can

So I went back and forth, trying to decide if I should spend the night blogging or watch the Teen Choice Awards? Then I thought to myself, why not do both?? I was a little embarrassed to be watching it, truth be told and kind of glad dh had gone to sleep so he didn’t have to witness it but I also didn’t have to give up the idea of watching it. At 25 years old, I’m too old to be considered a “teen” but young enough to remember what hip is – I follow a lot of the same social trends that teens do, and rarely have an outlet for it, since my son is only 2 and doesn’t care at all if I’m cool or not.

Anyhow, here are my thoughts, mostly raw, thought up while I watched it; I seemed to spend most of the 2 hours sitting at my computer, typing quick notes, while craning my neck trying not to miss anything good – like Will Smith’s acceptance speech for his role as “an alcoholic superhero” in Hancock – he was so cute and nerdy, totally trying to make a meaningful message to the young audience and it actually made me like him even more, as if his long standing reputation for wowing me might not be enough somehow – I mean, seriously, he had me “In West Philadelphia, born and raised…” but now he’s a cool dad and do gooder and I’m loving on him even more.

Adam Sandler’s speech was also hysterical if a bit mumbled and awkward, probably on purpose and um, a balloon filled with urine? Really? I love him though and I was so proud of teens today for voting for him over some of the other, maybe younger comediens that I would have expected.

I was also of course a big fan of the whole Do Gooder aspect to the awards show, which was also dubbed the Green Choice Awards – a lot of the presenters and winners talked about the importance of making a difference in the world and just a general message of being humble and there being more to celebrity status than fame – the Teen Choice Awards website wrote on their news section:

If you are attending TEEN CHOICE 2008 why not take the bus or subway and you could receive a special gift from the Global Inheritance TRASHed Recycling Store ( Show your bus, subway ticket or Metro or EZ pass at the information booth located in front of the Gibson Amphitheatre and you will receive a special gift. Items may vary (cards, hats, and other promotional items) and while supplies last. Remember a full bus can take over forty cars off the road and each person taking public transportation reduces their carbon emissions.

An example of a winner with a head on her shoulders? Choice TV Actress in an Action Adventure was Hayden Panettiere from Heroes, which I’ve never seen but always thought about watching and now I kind of want to even more. She said some pretty awesome stuff about female empowerment and it brought back old school memories of the series finale to Buffy, when she gives her power to all women, so we can all be the slayer, and all kick butt… yeah I have to say this whole humbleness and giving back and caring about more than makeup and money theme is pretty cool and I actually really enjoyed watching the show a lot if only for that reason – the mother in me hugely approves of all of these winners and their humbleness and role model oozingness. And the girl in me was still able to go “omg – it’s [insert hunky star here]!” Thank goodness hubby went to sleep early tonight!!

So then there was this whole ACDC vs. Miley & Mandy Cru Dance Battle (ACDC features Jon M. Chu and Adam Sevani from Step Up 2: The Streets which I again haven’t seen, but both guys look so silly and sweet and they dance wicked good obviously) I’ve heard of this whole Dance Battle before but never checked it out online until tonight, seeing ACDC dance on the show – they were AMAZING – stay tuned for my opinion on M&M, but in the meantime, here’s a YouTube video with some dancing awesomeness:

The Jonas Bros. were all over the awards, with their question answering and “Look How Cute We Are” -ing and their “flying” shtick which would have been cooler if the strings weren’t so obvious and the corniness wasn’t so immense. I guess in this instance, I’m just too damned old. But seriously, the Jonas Bros. won so many awards they now have more surf boards than brothers – looks like they’ll be needing some dates to surf with. 😉 Something tells me arranging that wouldn’t be a problem at all.

I was pretty bummed that stars like Ellen Page (Juno) and the James Marsden and Katie Heigel from 27 Dresses got overhshadowed by that ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager‘ tv show – people actually watch that? And then Lauren Conrad from The Hills gets to come up and talk but JOHNNY DEPP doesn’t?? Seriously?? Maybe he and Ellen Page just had better things to do that night? How else would they get snubbed like that, because they are like brilliant compared to Whats Her Face and Those Other Guys.

Greys Anatomy not winning wasn’t a big surprise, as I didn’t think teens watched it, but it was my favorite pick for TV Drama – no big surprise when Gossip Girl won though – it is a pretty good show and the cast seems very cool and down to earth, and Blake Lively is like absolutely stunning and you know everyone thinks so. Then, Get Smart won for best movie comedy – I haven’t seen it YET but i adore the cast and by cast I mean Ann Hathaway and Steve Carrell was funny Stressing Every Word In His Acceptance Speech!!!! Yeah, moving on…

Mariah Carey dressed modestly for her, skankaliciously for normal people – the blue and yellow combination was interesting to say the least – the concept works for me, but in all it’s skin tight barely there glory, yetch, made me want to jump on polyvore and make a blue yellow themed set so I could appreciate the color combo but stop being forced to look at HER. Randy Jackson introducing her made the whole thing kind of cooler, but seriously, “I’ll Be Loving You Long Time” is that a joke or is she for real? I am sure Asian men everywhere were snickering to themselves, thinking, “Mariah, I love you long time, too.” She is gorgeous though – and with a great voice, but she’s just one of those people I prefer to listen to on the radio to watching a video, hence why I was grooving out to the song mid snicker while I typed this so I didn’t have to watch – I do love it when she  does that weird half shriek high note thing she’s so famous for…

Scarlett Johansen was all looking stunning and being fabulous, though her jewelry choice seemed like it wasn’t sure if it wanted to be classically antique or classically too much, however since she was presenting for something as cool as best REAL LIFE HERO, I won’t comment on her wardrobe but instead tell you more about Chad Bullock who won for his anti-smoking campaign on – Bullock lost his grandfather to lung cancer so it’s a very important issue to him – dosomething gave him $100,000 to continue his anti-smoking efforts. Very cool.

LL Cool J (so hot! with a new album coming out sep 9) and Natasha Beddingfield (love her) gave the award for choice music male artist to Chris Brown. I’m still not sure who Chris Brown is? Anyone know? Any relation to Charlie?

So then the Dance Battle continued and don’t get me wrong Miley and her little bestie were good but they were NOT nearly as good as ACDC – it almost felt like they were not really trying, like they want ACDC to win in a kind of Under Dog Rising kind of thing – oh I don’t know, there was that guy dancing with M&M who had ACDC scrawled on his chest? They DID have LL Cool J who you may have noticed I loooove something fierce – his presence is so intoxicating, when he yelled to the audience to throw their hands in the air, I almost did (I totally chickened out and refrained though despite there being nobody there to know if I did or didn’t). But then just to psych me out, M&M totally won, showing there is no justice in this world and that sometimes my crazy conspiracy theories are just that… who knew? I guess LL Cool J does kind of have that effect on some people…

Ashton Kutcher “surfing” was so much funnier than Jerry O’Connell trying to be funny or something but I think I’m still mad at him for leaving Jennifer Garner’s character in Juno because I refuse to acknowledge when some things are fiction and other things aren’t and don’t care that Garner is married to Ben Affleck (she likes him for some reason) so probably wasn’t too upset at losing O’Connell fakely via Juno…

Then the Davids came on (you know, the Idol Davids – I don’t have to clarify, do I? Seriously?). The hubby and I were big David Fans last season – he was all about David C, I’m a huge David A fan – so it was fun duking out to the end, even if he did win, I guess. Anyway… David Cook and my David Archuleta came on to give an award to someone and they “bickered” over who got be called “David” and yeah it was kind of funny, like the inside joke we’ve been waiting months for someone to mention, and then David A was all cute and “whatever” and I was all “aww, you are so awkward it’s adorable” I mean… I don’t have a crush or anything, I just love a boy that sings The Beatles oh so well is all, I swear…

And then Miley Cirus got an award, like I care – she’s famous for doing weird YouTube videos and posting racy pictures of herself, right? Oh and she sings? Or something? Hannah Who? Who cares?? Just because she wishes she were Amanda Bynes doesn’t mean she should pretend to be that cool anyway… Maybe if I followed her, I’d find her humor funny but she kinda just comes off as “I’m cooler than you and know it” to me, call me crazy – much like the Jonas Brothers, her “oh I’m so surprised you like me but not really” bit is kind of getting old for me quick…

But then they gave awards to the Choice Male and Female Hotties, and it was funny when all 3 Jonas Bros were called one “hottie” but anyway seriously all the “hotties” were too young for me to find hot, but the winners were Vanessa Hudgens (who clearly needs a script to sound intelligent and seems to think being voted a Hottie is monumentally important and not just fluff made funny mostly just by the hysterical presenters talking about it beforehand – I’m sorry presenters, I can’t remember your names but I think you rock…) and The Jonas Brothers, who maybe needed more Surf Boards? Yeah big surprise. ::yawn:: Then the Jonas Brothers thanked their mom and dad which was funny, because yeah I guess they are the ones technically responsible for the Bros. being hotties or notties…

Veronica Mars, I mean Kristen Bell came on, after not being introduced for VM but Heroes because everyone except me has moved on. She and some buff hottie named Josh gave an award for sports, which only interests me because David Beckham is GORGEOUS and married to Posh Spice and they are besties with Tom and Katie, one of my favorite Red Carpet Couples and Posh and Katie are the inspiration behind my hair cut, and none of this really matters but it’s pretty much all I have to say on the subject of sports, so yeah… His British accent is to die for… And he brought his 3 boys on stage and he looked gorgeous and yeah I was pleased.

And well, this was a bit out of order, and possibly boring, but those were my thoughts while watching the Teen Choice Awards this year, and there you have it, I managed to both blog and watch a silly awards show tonight – I know you are so very proud of me.

3 responses to “Momma Stays Up Late-ish and Watches the Teen Choice Awards and then Blogs About it, Because She Can”

  1. Janet Avatar

    Johnny Depp and LL Cool J AND Will Smith all in one place? *FAINTS*


  2. Jen E Avatar

    We should definately “tweet” about this later, because oh so many thoughts on my end, too.

    This Chris Brown this was serious, but I made it funny to save face – seriously, who is he, because I feel like i should know but i don’t – who sang that “shorty got low low down” or whatever song, because several months ago, my son and I used to jam out to that every morning while watching Ellen (she is obsessed with that song! haha) so if that’s Chris Brown, then I like him, but if it’s not then whoever sang that should have won.

    The truth is – I only have basic cable and never listen to “current” radio stations anymore – my radio station does a mix of some of today’s music, usually the cleaner stuff, never anything resembling rap, mixed with 90s and 80s and 70s music – I do like current trend music but that station does a good job filtering out the crap if you will and it occasionally plays music my husband likes (he likes the 60s-70s rock music). And TV? It might as well be just local TV but with a few added foreign channels and news channels thrown in – not very great but it’s only $12 a month (as compared to $45 & up for all the other packages) and we get ABC, FOX, the CW, etc. so I can watch things like Bones, Greys Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, and Idol, etc. so for the most part we never miss the lack of real cable and we get netflix to tide us over on the nights when nothing is on (which is every night right now cause of summer and such).

    So yeah – most of this was just my trying to act all indifferent when what I’m really saying is, “I don’t get to watch half these shows and can’t afford to see all these great movies” so I’m only going to rally around the ones I have seen or at least have a long standing love of the actors and actresses in it. Like Audrey Hepburn would have gotten rave reviews from me if she were still alive. 🙂 haha

    Ok I’d better go get my son out of bed before he decapitates all of stuffed animals (you think I’m kidding, but I’m so not….)


  3. Patrice Avatar

    This is a great idea! Why didn’t I think of this…!? I was so busy twittering all my thoughts on the show, it didn’t even occur to me do a live blogging post! I might have to steal your idea.. but I don’t know if I have the patients to go back through and re-cap all my thoughts!
    Lmao @ ur comment about Chris Brown being related to Charlie… I had to read it a couple times to get it… but SO FUNNY!! Do you really not know his music, though?!? Can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or not!
    For the record… I watch Secret Life of the American Teenager-!
    haha no jk I’m not offended… it’s terrible acting, and the characters are way too young for the whole teen-pregnancy story line IMO, but its still oddly addicting.
    Yeah I could like write a novel right here on your comments, but I will refrain myself.. perhaps we can twitter (tweet? What is the proper terminology?) over it later!