On Bones and Bicycles: My Mind It Wanders a Bit…

Tonight is the 2 hour season premier for Bones – which means a tv night that both dh and I can be all cute and overly excited about. And being the nerdy little blogger that I am, you know I have to tell you about it. You know I’ll be posting either late tonight or sometime tomorrow to go, “OMG Brennan did this,” and “Booth did that,” and “belt buckles!” and “OMG” in general.

Speaking of which, OMG, really, people say this out loud? What ever happened to a deep valley girl uttering of, “Oh. My. God.” Or like, “Oh no he didn’t,” or “Shut up.” Seriously, today’s youth is so utterly lazy that they can’t even use words?

Speaking of today’s youth and my utter shock, I’m getting a bit disgusted seeing all these kids riding bicycles without helmets or any other form of protection, like you know common sense. The other day dh and I were driving somewhere (don’t remember where we were heading) and we see this teenage girl on her bicycle, weaving in and out of traffic, like you might see in a drunken stupor – it was pretty frightening. And then infuriating – because the stupid *itch was on her cell phone. On like the narrowest street in our town. Seriously.

I’m 25 years old, and I’m pretty easy going when it comes to teenagers given that not too long ago, I was one. But seeing this girl, in all her stupid glory, made me want to literally grab her by her ear and drag her to someplace selling common sense. And then throw her phone into the river. Forever.

Anyway, none of that has anything to do with how excited I am to watch Bones tonight except:


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