…I am driving up 85 in the Kind of morning that lasts all afternoon…

As you read this I am likely stooped over in the passenger seat of our Toyota Corolla, drooling into my travel coffee mug, listening to the not-so-soothing sounds of the road, wondering why we woke up so early. But despite my stupor, I’m probably pretty excited – cause, dude, we’re on vacation!!!! We’re on our way to the White Mountains!!! For once, when I hear “Why Georgia” by John Mayer, you know that part about how he wants to keep his car in drive and leave it all behind? Yeah this time I can do that, too, even if it was planned.

I’m not sure when or if I’ll get around to posting while I’m on vacation, so I’m whipping up a few, or you know maybe just the one, pre/post dated entries, you know whatever that thing is when you type a post days in advance and tell your little bloggy entry thing to publish not today, or even tomorrow, but TWO days from now while you’re on vacation and thus not at home blogging. Today in particular will be a morning On The Road. We plan to wake up around 5-6am and hit the road by 6:30. Cause we’re on crack. Or want to beat traffic. Or something. I don’t know, ask the hubby, cause that was his genius idea.

My genius idea? Stopping here on the way. Yeah that’s right. Dumbass. Also, if we could have breakfast, that’d be great? Mmkay?

So now I’m realizing I don’t have much to talk about that will be for sure relevent for Friday (you know, today). Not that on Friday I’ll be able to do much better. But um, yeah, will this suffice for now? I’ll try to post at least once during vacation to fill you guys in on all the fun and happenings and such. Or not. You know, whatev.


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