Breaking Dawn: I want YOUR thoughts

* warning * Spoilers below * end warning *

So I finished reading Breaking Dawn a few days ago and I’ve been trying to decide how to go about reviewing it on here, as I feel some form of commentary is necessary. I mean, I’m sure I could go on at length about how amazing it is (and I might), but I don’t think that’s enough – I want more than that – I already know that I loved it. I know I consider it to be one of her best works of fiction yet – the best in the series by far, and that I loved every minute of it. I know that I enjoyed thinking, “Oh I totally know what’s going to happen” and loved even more the several times that I was WRONG, though I was so right about a few things…

But I also know that a lot of my readers (Red Knows How, Trials and Tribulations, My Musings, Four Seasons Farm, to name a few…) read or are reading the book also and I bet there are more of you lurking out there. I know for the past month or so I’ve had loads of my friends asking me, “Did you finish it yet?” both in real life and here in blogland via comments. Well, let it be known: I FINISHED

And what I really want to know is – what did YOU think about the book?

What was your favorite part? Least favorite?

Did anyone reading this NOT like it, because I keep hearing about these “negative” reviews it got and I just don’t understand WHY? Are they just sorely unhappy Jacob fans or is there something I missed? I mean, I saw a couple of typos, sure, but show me a book without a typo and I’ll show you a euclidean love story… I mean… Um. Never mind, Sesame Street humor.

So – who’s up for some book talk? Anyone want to join me in the comments session for a little OMG fun – tell me about your favorite characters, your favorite scene, your least favorite scenes & also tell me, are you going to see the movie?

To answer my own comments, I think my favorite character has to be Bella as she is so much like myself but I also love Alice – she cracks me up and is such a good friend, sister and sister-in-lawish. I’d love to have someone like Alice in my life, the ultimate in ego boosts since 2005.

My favorite scene in the book was probably the first few hours of Bella being a vampire, after the long drawn out burning bleck, when everything was amazing and bigger than life and all the sensory description just sent me into overdrive and I can still remember going for a drive shortly after putting down the book after that chapter and feeling that “too cool for school” vibe I get whenever I see an action movie or watch an espionage show on tv or read a book like this – my mind wants desperately to see that action itself and I walk a little cooler, until I trip stumble and remember, yeah, that’s still not me. I stand a good chance of being a Bella Swan, but Bella Cullen, not likely…

My least favorite part? I guess the first chapter of Jacob’s section kind of threw me for a loop – I didn’t see it coming, I didn’t understand what was going on, and I missed Bella’s “narrative style.” Obviously Jacob doesn’t think the way Bella does, so Meyer didn’t write it the same either and it took me a few pages to get used to it, but in the end I really loved being able to see inside his head for awhile and I grew to love those pages just as much as the rest of the book.

And I’m definitely going to see the movie – it comes out one week after the new James Bond flick so I’m toying with the idea of getting the girls together with their respective guys so that WE can go see Twilight and THEY can go see Bond and WE can ALL be happy. Red, you with me?

14 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn: I want YOUR thoughts

  1. I haven’t read any of the Twilight series.

    Shouldn’t you be reading Jane Eyre? Did you get finished already? It has been a bumpy read for me almost done though. Thank goodness.


  2. My fave character is Alice.

    My fave scenes are the romantic scenes between Edward and Bella. Also loved where Bella attacked Jake over “Nessie.” I also love the ending…what a perfect gift for Bella to give Edward when he was always giving to her.

    My least fave scenes are while Bella was pregnant. I get SO into these books that I end up feeling alot of what is going on and these scenes stressed me.

    I am definitely going to see the movie. It comes out the day before my bday!


  3. I’m w/ Andrea on the Host & like Andrea I absolutely loved the Host! I’ve read it a few times as well.

    You’ve inspired me to actually re-read Breaking Dawn again!


  4. @ Andrea : Thanks for finding that quote, it certainly gives me hope! I’ll have to read The Host eventually, but like you, the beginning just didn’t capture me… at all.


  5. As you know, Momma, I absolutely loved this book. It met all of my reading needs. And I have alot of them! I am agreeing with the majority here in the case of the first part of the book. It really started out slow. I know with Meyers though that if I push myself enough it’ll be worth it everytime.

    The same thing happened with me and the Host. At first I thought that I just couldn’t do it. But I kept pushing myself and the ending was worth the beginning.

    On Meyer’s website she’s quoted as saying “Why did you decide to end the saga?

    ‘The Twilight Saga is really Bella’s story, and this was the natural place for her story to wind up. She overcame the major obstacles in her path and fought her way to the place she wanted to be. I suppose I could try to prolong her story unnaturally, but it wouldn’t be interesting enough to keep me writing. Stories need conflict, and the conflicts that are Bella-centric are resolved.'”

    I hope that they will continue with one of the characters paths, specifically Renesmee.


  6. Oh, man, don’t pass up Bond! The new Bond is amazing!!!

    I read the book…eh, really, just eh. I am enjoying the heck out of her book, The Host, tho!!!


  7. @ Jamie : I loved the titles of Jacob’s chapters also – so literal – very funny.

    I don’t think I’m in team Jacob or Edward, but more of a team Bella myself – and since she’s in team Edward lol, I guess I’ll side with her. if that makes any sense.


  8. Hi – I’m new to Twilight (it was my book club’s book this month) and feeling a great kinship with Susie as I struggle with the fact that, happily and long-married as I am, I’m pretty much waiting for my own personal seventeen-year-old angst-filled Edward to knock on my door.

    Breaking Dawn: I loved the titles of Jacob’s chapters. I loved, particularly, the scene where Jacob first sees Bella after her transformation and during her pregnancy – not because of Jacob’s reaction to her but because of what he says about Edward: that he, Jacob, suddenly realized he was just a kid, because he’d have to undergo a whole lot more pain than he had so far in order to look the way Edward did. Actually, that moment brought the whole series into focus for me, and made me think how glad I am that it’s fiction; I saw suddenly how much of my enjoyment of the books centers on Edward’s anguish. Watching him suffer for love was the best part of every book for me. How sick…

    In extenuation, I offer that I was pulling for him all along – I’m a diehard Team Edward member, much as I like Jake. But I think Bella’s not good enough for him!


  9. @ Susie : The more I read this comment the more I thought, “ME TOO” – a Carlisle / Edward story could be amazing and I’d obviously love to read more about Renesme. I think it could be fun if she did a book about each character or maybe couple – an Alice / Jasper book, one for Emmett and Rosalie, one for Carlisle and Esme & maybe a whole book truly devoted to Edward – like his WHOLE story… ::sigh:: I don’t think it will ever be enough…


  10. OMG I LOVED IT! But like you, I want more. What happens next? What does Renesmee turn out like? What about the Cullens taking on the Volturi again? Also I liked the new characters – the Cullens extended “family” that came to fight. I’d love more about them. I’d love to know Crlisle and Esme’s love story.

    I had heard about the Midnight Sun leak and didn’t read it but went to Stephenie Meyer’s website and she posted it so yeah I read it and OMG more Edward than I thought possible. And it just makes me wish the whole series was done again from his perspective.

    I will see the movie and try REALLY HARD not to act like a dirty old lady lusting after a 22 year old actor.


  11. @ Sues2u2 : I really loved where she took the book – I loved the 3rd half of the book maybe the best now that I think about it. I mean it was nerve wrecking to be sure, but it was brilliant and so much more than I thought it would be, if that makes any sense.


  12. First of all. Are you kidding? NOT go see the movie? Is there a choice somewhere I didn’t know about? *scoff* roflol!!!

    Actually @ first I didn’t like the book because of the first part. It just seemed to lack Meyer’s usual style & it left me wanting more. More of Edward, more of everything. Then I hit Jacob’s side & absolutely loved it. Then of course came the end & I thought, “yes, it all is coming together”. So in the end I loved it. Also after I read the book again I even liked the first part this time.

    I really did wish however that Jacob’s story could have gone on in another series. Maybe eventually? Not sure but maybe. (I tried really, really, really hard not to give anything away. That was Hard!)


  13. I have to bookmark this page to read later as I still haven’t read book 2, 3 or this one yet. I’m about to start on New Moon. Can’t wait!


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