Thursday Thunks: High In Fiber, Ickiness, Soapboxing & Speculation

This week’s Thursday Thunks questions were brought to you in part by Kimber, the color blue and the number 7.

  • What vegetable would you serve with a plate of fried grasshoppers? Well I guess it had better be a REALLY good vegetable to make up for the hoppiness around it. I like Andrea‘s idea to serve corn on the cob – my family might be able to get excited enough about that to forgive me and it is pretty filling.
  • If you realize your house is on fire while you are using the bathroom, do you wipe or just run for the door? I’d wipe, I don’t think it takes that long. If it is going to take a long time, I’ll suck it up, do my best quickly and then run.
  • Why is there a light in the fridge but not in the freezer? Because the ice cream  is in the freezer and they’re trying to deter midnight snacking of the worst kinds? If you can’t be bothered to turn on a light, you probably don’t need those Moosetracks, momma!
  • When thinking about yourself, what color do you see yourself as? Well I recently decided that green is my favorite color so I guess if I was going to associate myself with any color, that’d be it. A nice bold green that somehow goes well with everything without even trying? That’d be nice. And you know cause I’m all half-assed eco-green, too. There’s that.
  • Why are people able to have unprotected sex with someone, but afraid to tell them if they have an STD? Because there are a lot of people in this world who only understand that sex is FUN – they don’t get it. They don’t get that it’s something to share with one person who you could tell anything to – who you literally couldn’t lie to if you tried. And that the more people have sex without that, the less special it really becomes.

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  1. I’m so glad you joined in this week. I do find this meme very entertaining and I like it’s a small group who does it. Yahoo for me understanding what meme’s are!


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