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Did You Get Your Grandmother A Converter Box Yet?

Thanks to Shelley @ I Miss My Sanity for posting this video. Just a reminder to all the tech savvy grandchildren out there, make sure you visit your adorable grandparents, parents or great aunts and uncles before February 17, 2009 and get them hooked up with the necessary stuffs so that they won’t miss their favorite television shows or, you know, accidentally microwave their remote controls in an effort to zap some life into them or something.

Remember, it’s your responsibility as a Youngun’ to take care of the people who once took care of you. This new technical world can be a scary, confusing jumble of letters to some people – much like when you were just a wee babe in diapers trying to differentiate between M and W – you do know which one is which now, don’t you?

I’m just saying – don’t assume that they’ve got it all figured out – they may be the smartest most caring people you know, who taught you almost everything you now know, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that you pop in and take a look. If you aren’t convinced – watch that video up there again. How many wuhs was that again?

And you can probably get some homemade cookies or a lazagna for your time – you know you’re looking a bit thin these days, what are they feeding you, anyway? And honey, this means you. My grandmother will be expecting you.

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Fine by ’09: Seven Weeks To Go!

So how many weeks now have I been recording, “Yup gained back the pound I lost last week,” and then vowed to do better. I think the reason I’ve been failing so miserably is because I refuse to accept a few certainties in my life. The main thing being I suck at consistency and I don’t do diets. And sedentary is a permanent state of being in my life. I need to get organized.

Jen @ Daily Mish Mash is giving away medals for working out this week and you know I sooooo want one of these beauties:

So in addition to working my tail off to get one of these medals, what are my plans in general?

  • Work Out as often as possible, maybe not the 20 minutes per workout that Jen is asking for but something!!! Today I did 10 minutes of Dance Off The Inches @ Netflix’s Instant Watch website. It was corny as all get up and I made lots of snarky comments to myself but considering I had to stop at 10 minutes for fear of dying, it was obviously a workout. If only I were coordinated… Last night I took a little walk with the dh which to be honest I much prefer – maybe I should make that a nightly thing again?
  • I’m going to start logging the foods I eat here – this is the cornerstone of my husband’s diet which, unlike mine, is working. While he gets to tighten the notch on his belt, I shove food into my gaping maw without taking the time to ask “Hmmm what am I doing wrong?” I tease him about his diet but he tells me, “I’m not on a diet, Jen, I can eat anything I want – as long as I stick to my daily calorie intake.” Or whatever. Damn him and his sensibilities. I created a new account (yeah I showed him the damned website a year or two ago and then abandoned it and couldn’t remember my user name or anything) and so far today I’ve had 930 calories and the things I’ve had so far might as well be called “the regulars” so now I know that between lunch and bedtime I have about 800 calories to play with – 500 of which will at least be eaten at dinner. That leaves me 300 calories of wiggle room – I wonder how much my daily hot chocolate, potato chips, soda, cookies & then my indulgences add up? I’m guessing it’s more than 300. So I’m not going to do anything for a day or two except log the calories and submit myself to the awful slap in the face of, “Jen you’re a glutton,” and then I’ll start making the sacrifices where I need to. ::grumble grumble::
  • Stick with the water – when I remember, this is the area I excel in. I need to remember to log it more, which I’m hoping the calorie count website will help with. I’ll be there anyway, you know?

How are you’re diets going? Any of you actually kicking it into high gear yet? Losing weight? Come brag and tell me I’m fat so I’ll stick to mine. I am really hoping that the logging of the calories will help, especially since dh is doing it, too. That’s f*ing teamwork, right?