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Looking Fine 2009: 5 Weeks To Go!

I didn’t do as well this week as last, losing only .2 pounds, but considering I broke down a bit to celebrate dh’s birthday three days in a row and experienced going out to eat for the first time since starting this whole calorie counting thing, I’m just thankful to have not gained weight this weekend while indulging in Pizzeria Unos or Applebees or all that delicious birthday cake.

Restaurants aside, I think I exhibited excellent portion control this week, even during the various birthday cake celebrations with family. I only ate one of the chocolate chip cookies I made dh for his birthday, that night, and haven’t had another since. I’ve gotten pretty good about my night time snacking and I’m pretty enamored with our new Wii which has become my main source of workout, earning me another one of these:

This week is Thanksgiving which makes me a little nervous but I’m hoping to just remember to be sensible and eat as well as possible the other six days. This weekend is also GAME NIGHT so I’ll need to do the same that night – I have a tendency to throw caution to the wind when all my besties show up for good food and good times. Maybe we’ll all be so busy playing the Wii that we’ll forget to gorge ourselves senseless?

So plans for this week are much the same:

  • Attempt to exercise 5 times this week.
  • Drink plenty of water and stick to my calorie count.
  • Keep my head above water during Thanksgiving and Game Night

How are your diets going? Anybody else pumped to be looking fine by 2009?