Bump Report: Week Seven

pregnancy cartoon

7 Weeks and Counting – comic from Baby Gaga

I guess that makes me fat and pregnant? I think I should get a medal for losing weight while pregnant during the week of Thanksiving, even if it was only one measley pound. Did you guys like my bump announcement? I have to admit, it was kind of killing me waiting so long to tell you (I’ve known for about 2 weeks) but it was really fun announcing it that way and keeping you all in the dark until the last minute. I almost made my bestie wait to find out that way, too as a punishment for missing our recent game night but decided she would likely kill me for that, so she found out sooner. I waited as long as I did to tell you all because I thought I aught to tell some IRL people like my parents first. You understand, right?

So anyway, according to babycenter.com I am about 7 weeks pregnant right now, due July 23 (same birthday as celebrities like Woody Harrelson, Slash from Guns & Roses, Marlon Wayans, Monica Lewinsky, Daniel Radcliffe… read into that what you will). According to the bumpsperts, at 7 weeks paddle-shaped hands and feet are emerging from developing arms and legs and he or she is roughly the size of a blueberry!

So far I’ve had no morning sickness at all, but I’ve felt like I have an acid reflux problem for awhile – so I always wake up thinking, “oh today might be a pukey day,” but so far nothing! I’m not complaining, but with only a little blueberry with paddles in my tummy, it’s hard to feel all happy glowy pregnant when I’m turning down coveted items like Gorgonzola, Brie and Booze… I am peeing more than “usual” but to be honest that never really went away after my first pregnancy with MM so I might just be making up the “more than” part. Hard to say for sure – but I would venture to guess my bladder thinks it is roughly the same size as my blueberry baby.

I am not going to do any belly pictures yet because well, I’m fat guys – I don’t want to give myself a complex – I’m obviously not showing yet but there are no surfboard abs to boast either – I might change my mind about this at some point, but for now we’ll just stick with:

Not showing, no morning sickness, peeing like a racehorse with a blueberry bladder, fetus has paddles.

That cute little comic at the top of this post is from a website called Baby Gaga which has a different comic for each week of your pregnancy, so you know I’ll be taking advantage of those! This week’s comic was obviously for Week 7.

11 thoughts on “Bump Report: Week Seven

  1. Congrats (somehow I missed the announcement).

    I cant’ wait to read more about the journey.

    And, that picture cracks me up.

    What do they have for 7 weeks PP? Is that the one that’s “I’m fat, not pregnant?”


  2. I remember the peeing all the time. It is was the tell-tale sign that I knew I was pregnant. I never wake up in the middle of the night to go. Ever.

    Love the Bump Report!


  3. @ chelle : I know I shouldn’t be complaining – I well remember morning sickness from my first – and who knows, there’s always tomorrow…


  4. I love that site! Their tickers always crack me up 🙂

    I am so jealous about you not having m/s….grrrr…

    Just kidding about the “grrr” thing, btw 🙂


  5. What great news! I couldn’t have kept it a secret! I am not great at secret keeping. CONGRATULATIONS! I look forward to reading about the journey of your pregnancy!


  6. @ Jean : I would love love love a little girl but I know I’d be happy with a boy also. Eitherway – I’m thinking Baby Blueberry (or Blue for short) I can shorten it to BB which I think is perfect – haha


  7. @ Andrea : I totally want to nickname the baby Blueberry lol – I know next week he or she will be a different size but I love it 🙂


  8. I guess that makes me the second person in that picture, lol! It’s okay if you made me wait, I understand lady. That’s why our friendship works.

    BTW, a little Harry Potter Blueberry?

    How about a Madame Blueberry?


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