You’ll be happy to know that I have neither lost nor gain any weight this month (am I the weirdest dieter ever, or what?). I even indulged this weekend in all the valentiney goodness I desired. Friday was a birthday party so I had delicious chocolate cake with seven minute frosting and spumoni ice cream (aka heaven on earth). That night when we got home I also had one delicious cupcake from Cupcakes Gourmet (the tiny little angel only had about 100 calories so that’s not a huge indulgence, but you know…). Saturday we went out to lunch at my new favorite Mexican restaurant and I had enchiladas and a chimichanga, thoroughly enjoyed every bite, and wrapped up about half the dish for dinner that night. We went to the local candy mansion and bought some candy bars and I had a root beer float (one of my favorite desserts). Also, have I ever mentioned that I have dessert every night? Almost always. How do I manage this feat and still lose weight if not remain stable?

I count calories. I started by using this calorie counting website but now I do it by hand (I found it was actually less of a hassle and miraculously has also been improving my math skills). I weigh almost all my meals with a handy digital food scale and maintain a diet of 2050 calories while pregnant, 1750 otherwise. I try to workout for at least 15 minutes a day (although I confess I’m not stellar at it) and I drink as much water as I can stand. I realized when I started this diet (that works) that my biggest food mistake was actually in my drinks. What I assumed was an 8 ounce glass turned out to be 14 ounces when I actually started counting. And I drank milk at every meal with several cups of juice, ice tea, etc. throughout the day. I’m a very thirsty person by nature. I was ruining any chance at a good diet.

My first move was to only drink from our smallest drinking glasses (unless it’s water), which turned out to be 8 ounce drinking glasses. I still drink milk at most meals, but that was a decision I made when I found out I was pregnant, so that I’d be getting a bit more calcium and using up some of the extra calories I was allotted with something a bit healthier than extra chips or cookies at the end of the day.

I know some of you are probably like, “I’m not counting calories. That’s a waste of my time, I won’t do it.” And I felt the same way too, but it turned out to be really easy after awhile. And by doing it during the week when I’m at home and have the time to do the math, when I’m not at home, I can kind of eye ball and it guess and so far I’ve been pretty successful at those guesses. I know now what a real meal should look like and how many indulgences I can squeeze into my day so I keep some room at the end of the day for my favorite indulgences so that I don’t go ape shit at the end of a bad day and eat everything in sight that I’ve been denying myself. It works. (Remember, no gain or loss this week. If I weren’t pregnant, I’d estimate that I’d have lost a pound or two (especially since I’d be aiming for 1750 calories instead of the 2050 I get right now).

Now I don’t claim to have all the answers. I’m still trying to improve my diet by making my calories count. I still eat too much junk, which is going to be important later when the real weight has come off but I’m trying to lose those last pesky pounds (I’m guessing). Also, it’s just common sense. I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables and I’m prone to diet ruts. So for this week my goal is to make sure there is a vegetable in every family dinner and that I personally have one fruit every day. That’s pretty low standards, I know, but it’s a start. It shows you my diet is still in need of work, no? I also need to make sure I’m drinking enough water – I suspect I’ve been rather lax on that and I might start counting glasses again like I did when I first started dieting.

Lastly, I just want to share with you my newest found LOVE. My husband and I recently found Fage greek yogurt which we began by substituting for sour cream as it has that same kind of non-sweet taste and was actually a terrific (and so much healthier) replacement. My husband recently found small packages that come with fruits or honey and started trying them and found out they were delicious and convinced me to try one this morning (I had the strawberry) and oh my lord it was so good. Like dessert good. Except way better for you than dessert. My typical yogurt serving has 100 calories and I use them as a midday snack (I love Yoplait light). This one has 200 calories so I decided to have it for breakfast (a meal that is already pretty low calorie for me) and it worked perfectly. I highly recommend it if you haven’t tried it yet.


  1. Well done – not to gain or lose when pregnant. Keep it up – I know how hard it is. I have lost 12lb since New Year and this week I lost nothing.


  2. Good for you for still being healthy! I have to admit if I were in your shoes, I would be tempted to just say forget it, I’ll lose weight after the baby, etc. I am impressed! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I also think your doing fabulous! I’m really curious about that walking DVD? Did I dream that it was a DVD or were you just actually walking? LOL!


  4. Good Job!

    I agree, calorie counting has always worked for me, but I have not been doing that lately, so I probably should start again ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your list of indulgences made me hungry ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. I had to respond to this one too. I am so impressed w/ what you are doing. I didn’t gain anything w/ Nik & I actually lost w/ Hanae so I know what it’s like. It’s Freakin’ awesome!

    I bet you’re so excited about all of this. YOU should be! Keep up the great work (& it is work no matter what!)


  6. That really is impressive! No weight gain or loss- how far along are you? I think what you’re doing- keeping your pregnancy healthy and (at least trying to) exercising is great- I did that with my last one and the preganacy was really good overall- (I just got off track afterwards!) Thanks for the tips- I might have to look into the calorie counter!


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