Best Of The Best

Lori @ Building Our Nest came up with this great idea of a “best of” awards show kind of post. It looked so fun, I had to play along. So without further ado, the awards go to…

Best place online to waste time: I think I waste more time on Facebook than anywhere else, but recognition must be given to my Google RSS feed (where I read all your blogs) and where I plan all my future reads.

Best online purchase I’ve made recently: Without a doubt, it would have to be my new Canon Powershot digital camera – I am absolutely in love with it! πŸ™‚

Best place to go when your husband gets home from work and you need a break: The only place I tend to go in this situation is the grocery store, usually Trader Joes and it is indeed a welcome relief.

Best reason to invite someone over to your house for dinner: Is there ever a bad reason? We have “Game Night” here once a month and have a handful of our friends over for dinner, games and general socializing. Always a good time!

Best thing my son has said recently: My son likes to play pretend and lately his favorite thing to do is assign “roles” to each member of the family. Sometimes he’ll tell me that I’m daddy or grammy or himself. Other times we act out scenes from a tv show or movie, his favorite being Madagascar. So anyway, a few weeks ago he told me that I was Alex and he was Marty (which was so exciting because I never get to be Alex – it’s his favorite – and I usually have to be Melman, the giraffe). And then just as I’m getting excited, he says, “Hey Alex, wanna bite my butt?” And of course I cracked up (it’s part of the movie, if you haven’t seen it – Alex is the lion and Marty is the zebra and Alex does indeed bite Marty’s butt at one point in the movie and it’s this whole thing…) and then was like, “He only let me be Alex so that he could arrange that whole scene. The little stink.” And I was so right, because he’s never let me be Alex since. Maybe I did a bad job?

Best place to eat out with kids: We love going to Applebees and always enjoy bringing MM there. For lower cost fare, Wendy’s can’t be beat.

Best news I’ve gotten recently: Um could any news be better than, “You’re having a girl!” Of course if I were having a boy I’d be saying the same thing, point is, finding out the gender was a huge thing this week.

Best way to show you care: I have to agree with Lori, getting a hand written card is always nice. Sometimes a phone call that’s unexpected is also nice, or even dropping in just to say hi. It all boils down to reaching out to say hello when you weren’t expected to.

Best reason to blog: Because you have something to say. Simple as that. πŸ™‚

Best way to end a blog post: I like to end my posts in a question, like…

What would your best of the best be? Fill this out on your own blog and join in on the fun!


  1. I saw Lori’s post too and it is a fun meme. That is our favorite quote from the movie and my kids still pick which character to be. Sometimes arguments start b/c of this. oy – can’t we just watch the movie?


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