I Might Be The Worst Twilight Fan Ever

So since my foot is sprained and I’m afraid to get up to find a snack or read a book (and definitely cannot work out) I figured I’d poke the angry bear of my life with a stick and make a confession. I’m not going to buy the Twilight DVD. I’m not even sure I want to watch it again. Sure the baseball scene was amazing. Yes I love Twilight. But let’s all be honest here for a minute – the movie wasn’t very good. Do I plan to see New Moon? Hell yes – especially since they have a new director AND Dakota Fanning will be in the movie! And honestly, any Twilight fix is better than no twilight fix. But if I really do get all Twilight-cravy, I have Netlfix and can rent it. I’m not spending my (teeny tiny amount of) money to buy it.

While I’m being all sacrilegious I’ll continue…

  • I do not love Edward.
  • I do not wish my husband was more like Edward.
  • To be honest, I’d never ever want to date Edward. He’d annoy me. He’s perfect for Bella. But (although we’re similar) I’m not her.
  • I will probably never reread the books. Don’t get me wrong – I loooooooved every single one of them – but I don’t reread books. So it probably won’t happen.
  • I think Robert Pattinson is uggggly and looks nothing like Edward in My Mind. Also he annoys me. A lot. I really think he thinks this whole thing is just a joke. He takes this movie about as seriously as if he were acting in Superbad. He probably wishes he were.
  • Kristen Stewart isn’t much better. Both of them need to clean up their acts because they’ve been found guilty of sucking. These books are incredible and I really think they are making a mockery of them. I hope New Moon proves me wrong and is awesome and they are awesome because I miss squeeing.
  • I think my real favorite scene in the movie was when “Edward” makes that nasty disgusted face because he smells Bella for the first time and she smells her BO. That was pretty great. But so not worthy of being a favorite scene. Thank god for vampire baseball.

Some positive notes:

  • Ashely Greene (Alice) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob) were fantastic. They are my favorite characters in the movie (and sometimes the books, although for me the books are all about Bella – hence my angst with Kristen Stewart).
  • Did I mention I am a fan? I swear I do love the books. In fact, if I didn’t love them, the disappointment of the movie wouldn’t bother me at all, would it?
  • You should take pity on me at least a little bit because I’m a pregnant woman with a sprained foot and I really want a snack. Send cookies.

11 thoughts on “I Might Be The Worst Twilight Fan Ever

  1. I entirely agree. The movie sucked. I don’t know anyone who was not utterly disappointed with the casting of Edward and Bella (and others) and the acting. Since Edward is absolutely gorgeous in the book, it would have been nice if he were in the movie too. What a letdown! Equally, since Bella is interesting and pretty in the book, why would they not try to find an actress who matched. The one dimensional boring, and no chemistry between the leads, approach in a romantic novel was unbelievable. Please start fresh and recast for any future books in the series. Those two in the lead were such a letdown to all the ardent fans of this amazingly well-written and absolutely thrilling series.


  2. @ Jenni : I don’t know maybe if he brushed his hair once in awhile I could deal with him, but he’s just ridiculous to me. I really don’t think Edward would care SOOOOO little about his appearance to be honest. There’s a difference between rough and tumble dangerous and lazy crack addict


  3. Well, you know I agree with you about Stewart. She needs a serious attitude adjustment! I will most likely buy the dvd because I’m an addict and I need to get my fix even if it isn’t quality stuff. As far as rereading, I’m on the fence. I want to but I’m worried I won’t like it as much as the first time and it will ruin the experience for me.


  4. I’m so sorry that you hurt your ankle. Are you elevating it & really staying off it & icing it? Be careful! Little BB is on board. ha,ha

    I Do re-read books (oddly enough I’m just finishing reading the set right now! I’m @ the end of the last book. *tee,hee*) & I very much agree w/ you about Robert Pattinson. I Am very much team Edward w/ part of me leaning towards team Jacob. I do agree w/ you wholeheartedly about Tyler Lautner & Ashely Greene. I also thought that the actress who played Esme was spot on but the actress who played Rose needed different hair; hers was just too fake looking.

    I agree also that Pattinson & Stewart don’t “get” the books but I also think that they are young & all of this is going to their heads. Also it’s so hard for me as a 40 something to look @ Pattinson & feel like I do in the books. Just makes me feel like a dirty old woman. I’m really not though since one of the other “hotties” I could very happily lust after is Sean Connery.

    Anyway back to the subject. I will buy the movies but I can’t help but agree w/ you that I think they would do very well to loose Stewart & Pattinson. I am cautiously optimistic for New Moon since they’ve gone w/ a different director. And yes, I think Dakota Fanning is Perfect to play Jane. Now if they can just get others that are just as qualified for the other new parts!


  5. I’m totally with you on just about every point.
    Never did think Robert was all that cute and was nothing what I imagined.
    Kristen has some kind of issues (that whole Oscar thing) and really just didn’t seem like the right character fit to me. I would be completely fine if someone else played Bella and Robert remained Edward. Though someone else playing Edward would work for me to just can’t picture a beyond perfect actor to portray him.
    We had this discussion at my bloggy meet up. 🙂


  6. @ Meg : I think watching it before seeing New Moon is definitely a good idea! How awful that you left the books in RI – even though I don’t reread, I like having them around for some reason. 🙂


  7. I’m twilight fan, too! I wasn’t thrilled with how the movie was but I still think I am going to buy it because I left my Twilight series in Rhode Island. So not that I usually re read books but if I wanted to I can’t so the movie is a back up!

    Plus, I will probably watch it the day before I go see New Moon.


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