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Craft Corner With MM: Shape Collages

I saw this cute idea on Let’s Explore to make a shape collage and theirs looked so cute I decided to try it with MM. Having never done anything like this with him before I had no idea how he’d do, if this was even up his alley or what, but I was starved for a new project so I cut up some colored paper while he was “napping” and then let him loose on the project after he was done pretending to be asleep (or you know, singing in his bedroom). Here’s some photographic evidence of our journey:

It was soooo much fun – I really recommend this little craft project. Let’s Explore has tons of ideas like this and I will definitely have to try some more. Oh and just a little public service announcement – if you aren’t hovering over my pictures (on this post and all my others) you are missing out on half the fun.

family fun

Bump Report: 21 Weeks

BB is now roughly the size of a carrot, according to

Why is it that all of the size references are foods anyway? The book I’m reading, Waiting For Birdy by Catherine Newman (who coincidentally used to write a column for, brings this up and it really is such a valid point. A little bit creepy if you ask me. Anyway also wants me to know that Baby Blueberry weighs about three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long — I should really start feeling more movements soon and I’m beginning to think I’ve been feeling some movements and just didn’t recognize them. I suspect BB might not be as superly active as her big brother was and that some of the “pains” I’ve been feeling briefly are similar to when MM used to dig his heel into my chest and leave it there for like hours until I started to develop a bruise and excrutiating pain. Because my son is abusive to his poor old momma. BB seems to be doing similar type stunts, I think, just with a little less brutal force. Which I think is sweet of her. In other developments, her eyebrows and lids are present now and her vagina has begun to form as well. Super.

Other than that, things have been pretty normal. I honestly cannot for the love of me decide if I’ve gained any weight. Maybe a pound or two? But that’s so insignificant a number that I’m not even sure if it’s real and it fluctuates day by day. So whatever. I think my stomach is getting more defined and my husband swears I’m getting smaller in every other regard so that’s pretty cool. My next doctor’s appointment is the 23rd so I’ll be able to tell you more then. In the meantime, yeah. Looking good.


No Longer Missing In Action: Week 1 of Me in Pictures

Forever In Blue Jeans

Last week I decided to jump in a bit late on this fun new bandwagon dreamed up by Carin @ Forever In Blue Jeans. The premise is simple – making an effort to be in one photograph (at least) a week – for 52 weeks. Of course I’m starting in on week 11 but let’s not nit pick. Last week I had Dan take some pictures of MM and I playing with the guitar for Wii Rockband. Here are three cute pictures from that photo shoot.

Not bad, all in all, I don’t even completely hate how I look in them and of course MM looks adorable as usual. Now what should I take pictures of this week… Be sure to check out the other participants at Forever In Blue Jeans and join in yourself if you find that you, too, are often missing in photographic action.


Do You Think I Can Get Another Birthday Cake Out Of This?

Remember when I forgot how old I was? There I was, doing my body test on WiiFit when all of a sudden, like a ton of bricks fell on me all of a sudden, I was twenty six. Not twenty five. I can no longer think of myself as “only a quarter of a century old” – I’m older than that – twenty six. I like spelling it out like that instead of typing 26 because it makes it look more important, more graceful and mature – you know, nothing like me whatsoever. Anyway, since that day, after my birthday cake induced sugar coma wore off, I kept having this nagging feeling in the back of my mind… I was forgetting something else. Something way more important than celebrating your birthday twice in two months.

Tomorrow is my first blogiversary! As of tomorrow I’ll be one of those seasoned, “I’ve been blogging for a year,” people. As of Saturday I can say, “I’ve been blogging for over a year now…” And if I hadn’t just now gone ripping through my archives in a panic, I might have missed my own blogiversary (I missed Every Other Milestone along the way – 100 posts, 500 posts, etc. All of them. No matter how hard I tried to commit it to my memory, it wouldn’t stick and I forgot). One day to spare people. That leaves me one day to orchestrate The Party of the Year. One day to bake myself a digital birthday cake. One day to run to the digital greeting card store and send my blog a virtual birthday card. And what about presents? This is awfully short notice and you know we’re in a recession… the money is a bit tight – even my fake cyber wallet is feeling the strain. And of course it might be way too late now to send out invitations.

So I’m going to make this one of those very intimate affairs, where only the creme de la creme of my blogging circle will be invited. Some nice (alcoholic free for me) wine, cute little zero guilt appetizers and desserts. Probably more wine. We can sit around on our respective comfortable seating arrangements and talk about “when our blogs were young,” the infant years of blogging, staying up all night agonizing over our comment counts, having to google “meme” to figure out what it was, if it was contagious and whether we should worry about exposing our friends to one. We’re so far past that now. We spread memes left and right with abandon, we make our own awards and give those to each other, too. We maybe care a little bit less about comment counts… We’re seasoned blogging professionals, “working hard” every day to bring our blogs up in the very best environment we can, nurturing them and helping them grow. We’re on our game now.

So let’s let loose and celebrate. I hope you’ll come to my little soirée tomorrow and celebrate my entrance into the Big Leagues of 1 Year + Bloggers. Want to know if you’re invited? Man if you’re still reading this post, you are my kind of people and you must come! Gifts aren’t necessary but won’t be looked down upon. BYOB please, and please if you really are drinking during my party (and you should) have a glass for me, too. I’ll be here with my Minute Maid Blueberry Pomegranate juice, pretending it’s wine for all I’m worth.

No need to RSVP. I won’t be making you wear name tags or forcing you sit next to that girl (she won’t even be invited, because you know she’d never read this). Please send all blogiversary cards (like the one below) to: mommablogsalot (at) gmail (dot) com.