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KMBFBAG: Week 8 (I think)

With all the changes going about in my life right now that I have no control over, it’s nice to have one area where I’m still the boss – my good ole’ diet (said with sarcasm). Actually, I am doing awesome, if I do say so myself. Still no weight gain or loss – my doctor is tickled pink with me and assures me that my stomach and baby are growing at just the right pace. My husband, friends and family are all telling me how great I look and (here’s the best part) way back when I bought two pairs of maternity pants – one fit me comfortably, the other a bit snugger but passable, unless I tried to wear them all day, then I’d be one suffering momma. Those pants? Fit way better now – no pain, all the benefits of a fabulous fitting pair of pants. And the slightly more comfortable pair, to be honest, are getting a bit too big. Oh to have my problems, right? 😛

I still feel over weight sometimes, particularly when trying to get out of a chair or roll over in bed, but I mean, duh, I’m pregnant – and while the rest of me is shrinking, the belly gets bigger every day. All baby. I know, I’m gloating – but darn it, I’m doing awesome! Remembering all the weight I gained with my first pregnancy I’m just so proud and so thrilled to know that I won’t have all that awful weight to lose a second time. I can’t wait to see what size I am after this baby is born and seriously – I still get to eat dessert at night and have my indulgences – this whole thing is just miraculous. It’s all math with all benefits in my mind. Benefits being these super hot jeans that I’m wearing.

How are your diets going?

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An Absence and Abudance Of Planning, All Rolled Into One

I’m not going to do a monthly menu plan this month, because, well frankly I have no idea what this month has in store and flexibility (and cheapness) is the name of the game right now. We’re kind of flying by the seat of our pants, getting together with friends and family when we can since we don’t know how much longer we’ll be staying in the state and trying to use the contents of our cupboards as much as possible in the meantime. One new recipe I’m meaning to try soon that contains mostly ingredients we already have on hand is this Honey Glazed Chicken Stir Fry on Simple Mom’s monthly menu plan that just looks delicious. We’re doing a lot of pasta, burgers and hot dogs these days because we already have a lot of those things (reviewing Omaha Steaks last month helped a ton in that).

It’s been kind of weird, doing my laundry and wondering if I’ll be able to use all the money on our prepaid laundry card if we move – or if I’ll need to buy another one and if so will we be able to finish that one? Looking at the contents of my cupboards and imagining them in boxes fills me equally with a sense of both excitement and dread. The long, long list of people we’ll need to call, addresses to change, bills to make sure get handled properly – and finding a new place to live – especially if that place is somewhere we’ve never been and can’t just go drive to and look around. It’s nerve wracking.

The interview this morning with Dream Company went really well. He’s now had a phone interview with the Tech Guys and filled out a personality test thing (Rembrandt something or other) and the next step is a written exam to test his problem solving skills or something. I don’t know if that’s something he’ll be able to do here or if they are going to fly him to Dream Company to do it. The whole process reminds us of the beginning of the Mysterious Benedict Society – completing each step, acing each test, not knowing how many more tests stand between us and the job – or if he’ll pass all the tests and get the job – and because it’s so far away, the job itself is still a bit of a mystery in some ways – will we like it? Would we like our new home? Is this something worth coveting or something we may grow to regret in years to come? We have no way of knowing anything except that assuming he gets the job (the phone interview went really, really well) that means he’ll be employed and all this unemployment nonsense can go away. And that’s a good thing, change or no.

And of course even as we’re mentally preparing ourselves for what could be a new reality, we’re also still making back up plans, continuing the job hunt and looking for new listings, sending out his resume, waiting on our first unemployment check and wondering what other government aid we’ll be able to get while we wait, if we need it. I’d love for this all to be over soon but if over means moving somewhere new part of me also wants to hold onto every last moment we have here, to linger at each minute of the days passing – who can we visit today? What memory can we savor? How much longer is this going to last?

And if he doesn’t get the job, and we have to scrap that pipe dream – we’ll be back at the beginning, starting over again, looking for a new dream, making new plans and hoping for the next thing. It’s very strange living here on the edge, unable to plan but incapable of not planning. So no monthly menu plan this month, because clearly I have enough things to half plan right now.