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Homemade Baby Food, Here I Come

I’ve been thinking about homemade baby food for awhile now. We’re planning to nurse for the first year, which will help save some money but what about baby food? It does get kind of expensive and I am home all day – but how do you go about it? What foods are good when and how do I prepare them and store them and reheat them? I know it’s not rocket science but I’m totally newbie at this. I’ve looked at those baby food makers but they seem kind of expensive and surely there must be an easier way?

Well today GoodyBlog featured this awesome website Nurture Baby. Founded by Christen Babb, a fellow mom who created a website which has all the recipes, cooking techniques and nutrition info I could imagine needing to make Baby Blueberry her very own homemade baby food. I’m feeling so empowered now after having spent just minutes reading through the cooking techniques and recipes on her website. The recipes are sorted by both age and food type and everything is so easy to navigate and understand – consider me impressed.

Now I just need to have the baby.

– edit –

Just wanted to add a couple more helpful links and tips from friends, family and commenters.

  • My cousin recommended Annabel Karmel for recipes – Karmel also has cookbooks that my cousin loves – another recommendation from the cuz. was a food processor – preaching to the choir – someone want to give me one for free?
  • Reader Shirley recommends
  • Reader Lisa Cain recommends and to also try feeding baby the same foods you are making for the rest of the family.

If you have any other website recommendations or tricks of the trade, definitely mention them in the comments section (see below for other tips and comments) and I’ll try to add them to this list accordingly.

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Daybook: June 8th


Outside my window: It’s cool, high in the 60’s with several chances for rain. For the first time in my life, this thrills me – these 70’s-80’s+ days have kind of been killing me, being all hugely pregnant. I’ve been basking in the chilled breezes this weekend. I do feel a bit bad for hubby who was determined to ride his bike to work today, rain or shine – he definitely isn’t getting much shine today.

I am hearing: MM playing happily with a few toys while watching a DVD of Curious George episodes. I’m wondering if he’ll nap today – he’s been taking less for sure, but he still seems to need them a lot of the time. Or maybe it’s just me that needs them?

I am thinking: that it’s a good thing I mentioned the dryer to our office manager today! He immediately knew what the problem was likely to be and added us to the maintenance’s guys list – we should have normal drying times by tomorrow evening! Apparently this side of my building is a preferred nesting location for the local birds and they constantly have to take down the nests so that the dryers can work properly – no it isn’t normal for an average load to take 2-3 hours to dry! Phew!

I am hoping: My doctor’s appointment tomorrow goes well and that I like my new doctor… and that MM behaves or at least doesn’t drive me completely insane.

I am reading: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown – still – I have about 80 pages to go I think, and I’m hoping to finish it today if I can squeeze in enough reading time.

I am creating: a few top secret Father’s Day projects, more on that later, like after Father’s Day.

I am wearing: black capris, a red camisole tank top and a red and white striped tee shirt – I had to get dressed today to go to the office. 😛

In the kitchen:

Around the house: We started hanging up pictures this weekend, it’s starting to look more and more like home here – love it.

Plans for the week: finish the laundry (and throw a one woman party when the dryer is fixed!), doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon, research the local banks a bit more, furniture shopping this weekend hopefully, maybe check out the Farmers Market on Saturday.

One of my favorite things: We got new measuring cups at Target this weekend! I was getting a bit tired of the poor, mismatched set, whose labels were wearing off so that guessing which size cup you had was like a logic / guessing game and the handles were slowly falling off half of them. For some reason their website doesn’t show the set we got – but they are stainless steel and perfect and they were just $10!

A picture thought:

Doesn’t he look so sweet and comfy chatting on the phone with his grammy and papa?