52 Weeks: On The First Day Of Cloth Diapering…

My true love said to me…

She looks like a Sumo Baby…

We took these pictures the first day we started cloth diapering. The admitted cuteness of those diaper covers is pretty much the only highlight to this CDing thing for me right now. But it’s a blessing and a curse. Her clothes, which before cloth diapers were fairly big on her, with plenty of room to grow, now they just barely fit. And we don’t have any larger sizes yet – I wanted to get a bit more time out of them, you know? Anyway I almost like how I look in all of these pictures so that’s a silver lining, too. When this picture was taken I was still all confident and eager about cloth diapering, that’s why my smile is so big.

Oh yeah…

52 Weeks is a year long challenge for YOU, hosted by Forever in Blue Jeans, to be in a picture once a week for 52 weeks. We are always the ones behind the camera, this is YOUR chance to get out in front and be in the pictures with our family. We are glad you are joining this challenge. More importantly your family will really enjoy having you in the picture. Thanks for playing along! Oh, you can just jump in now with 1 of 52, youโ€™re not getting off that easy! Now go take a picture!

9 thoughts on “52 Weeks: On The First Day Of Cloth Diapering…

  1. She is darling and you are funny. I was determined I would do the cloth diapering with my firstborn who is now almost 16. I should have taken them to the hospital with me because after having the Huggies on him I was spoiled. I lasted all of one afternoon with the cloth. They made nice burp cloths after that. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know they have really made advancements in cloth diapers and covers since then so things have changed. None of this will change the fact that she is darling! Enjoy her.


  2. Congratulations… I’m out there finding out about other peoples experiments with cloth nappies too…

    She loooks cute!

    We’ve just started our little boy in them too – finding that some clothes don’t quite fit, so have just gone to slightly bigger ones that someone gave us, but he is a little bigger than her (six weeks and a few days).. Though I found buying them with all the jargon very confusing!

    The nappies are working out well – one thing I just love is that his skin feels nicer after wearing them.

    good luck with your adventure!


  3. I used cloth diapers with my daughter, but never really had too much problems with them. She’s very petite, which must have been the reason for no problems. My sister, however, whose daughter is more normal-sized, had the same problems. She was already done with her diapers by the time I had my daughter, and I knew of her troubles, so that could be another reason I didn’t really have trouble. You’ll learn to really look closely at BB’s clothes before buying, to make sure they have room in the diaper area. Some brands work pretty well with cloth diapers, and some…not so much. It’ll get better! If in doubt, buy bigger bottoms than you think she’ll need. She can always grow into them if they’re too big!


  4. What sweet pictures with you and your little girl! Good for you and your cloth diapers…never used them, but admire those that do!


  5. She is precious. Can’t wait until you get a pic of her awake. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I thought surely you were going to give us a pic of you frowning after so many days of cloth diapering. You know I would have.


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