Weight Loss Wednesday: The Mission Begins

I’ve been on the track to losing weight and getting in shape for god, at least a year now. In between that year I had a baby. Before that year, I probably pretended I wanted to lose weight but mostly just talked about it while stuffing my face. These days, I’m feeling pretty motivated. I have found the basic building blocks for recreating my eating … Continue reading Weight Loss Wednesday: The Mission Begins

BBAW: Reading Meme

Did you know it’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week (September 14th-18th)? They are celebrating today with a fun reading meme! -edit – Being the dork that I am, I JUST read the full directions for this meme, like an hour after posting it. I was supposed to keep my responses as short as possible, with an attempt at creativity. SO – I am going to now EDIT … Continue reading BBAW: Reading Meme