summer re-cap

Idea stolen shamelessly from Susie who stole it from Gigglepotamus… …moved to wisconsin – my grandma turned 70! – niagara falls – road trip across half the country – tollhouse pie in Ohio – traffic in Chicago – discovering SEVERAL new playgrounds – most amazing tricycle ever – MM’s first flip flops – new apartment – Dan’s new Amazing Dream Job – health insurance that … Continue reading summer re-cap

love thursday: opposites attract

He’s a boy. She’s a girl. He’s a BIG KID. She’s a TINY BABY. He talks a mile a minute. She’s still in the cooing and gurgling phase. Brother. Sister. A stunner in black and white. Vibrant with color. They are a whirlwind of opposites but they have a lot in common, too, starting with my undying love. Love Thursday is brought to you by … Continue reading love thursday: opposites attract