Life Wishlist: 40 things to do before 40

Just Heather has this cool list of 40 things she wants to accomplish before she turns 40. Like Heather I am prone to making to do lists, mostly mundane things, in an effort to getitdone. But what about those things that might otherwise slip through the cracks of “not important because it’s only for me?” Too often we focus on everyone else, making sure the kids are happy, our husbands are happy, etc. We focus on getting dinner on the table, laundry folded and put away, making sure we get the oil changed in the car and get to miscellaneous meetings on time. But isn’t there more that we want to do, just as soon as we find a spare moment or twelve? That’s what 40 by 40 is about – just coming up with a list of things we’d like to do and hope we’ll find the time to do in the near or not so near future. I’ve got a ways to go before I turn 40 (14 years!) which is good, because that means I have more time to check things off my list and accomplish the things I want to.

Want to join me? It doesn’t have to be 40 by 40 if you’ve already passed that milestone or 40 is so far off you can’t even think about it yet (for any really young readers out there!). Heather got her idea from a blogging friend of hers named Katie who made a 30 before 30 list. The numbers don’t matter -what matters is just taking the time to think about what matters do you, what you want to do with your life and then setting about doing at least some of those things.

So without further adieu, here are the forty things I hope to do before I turn 40.

  1. Buy a house – a home I can truly call my own. Preferably with a stellar kitchen and a front porch big enough to sit on in some comfortable bench, swing or lawn chair.
  2. Lose the baby weight, the college days weight and any other lingering pounds.
  3. Walk, or even better, run in a marathon.
  4. Learn a new foreign language.
  5. Travel to a new country.
  6. Take the kids to Disney World.
  7. Learn kick boxing.
  8. Take a cruise.
  9. Become a “soccer mom.”
  10. Visit a casino.
  11. Go to a local sporting event.
  12. Make my own preserves.
  13. See The Ellen Show live!
  14. Start my own garden.
  15. Plant a tree.
  16. Meet my mother.
  17. Visit the city where I was born.
  18. Join the PTO or PTA or whatever it’s called now.
  19. Go camping with the family.
  20. Take a big road trip like the Highway 51 trip.
  21. Rent an RV for a trip.
  22. Read all the books I own.
  23. Volunteer for a soup kitchen.
  24. Donate generously to a charity.
  25. See Mount Rushmore.
  26. Go to Hawaii.
  27. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  28. Stay at one of those luxery hotels, preferably on a sandy beach somewhere.
  29. Buy Dan a big screen tv.
  30. Get a cell phone that I actually like.
  31. Build a tree house in our backyard (once we get a house).
  32. Buy a dog (preferably from an animal shelter).
  33. Learn sign language.
  34. Visit a Smithsonian museum.
  35. Become a Den mother.
  36. Do 10 real push-ups in a row.
  37. Have my own “library” in my home – a room JUST for books and reading.
  38. Renew my wedding vows.
  39. Try Zumba.
  40. Make friends with someone in this state.

Clearly not in order of importance or anything. :OP Well, how about you? What are your life goals?

    Daybook: September 28th


    Outside my window: It’s another day of blue skies… at the moment. Lately we’ve had a very annoying pattern of weather that changes constantly throughout the day. This morning it was foggy with rain and wind but now it’s gorgeous out – not that that means it will stay that way. It could snow in an hour and I wouldn’t be surprised.

    I am hearing: some random show on PBS – the new line up just sucks. I don’t even know what we’re watching but MM hasn’t complained yet so I’m not worried about it. Just annoyed – what happened to all our cute shows? The stuff they have on mostly these days is way over MM’s head. And the school children who might appreciate it? Yeah they’re at SCHOOL. What gives PBS?

    I am thinking: it’s so expensive to travel. We’re looking into taking a trip home this May for a family wedding, Dan’s brother’s graduation and his father’s birthday. All are happening on the same weekend so his parents want to fly us home for the occasions which is great. But between rental cars and hotel stay (our preference if we can swing it)? Damn, the money adds up quick. We’ll see how that all works out, though we do know which hotel we’ll stay in if we can swing it – it’s in the same town we honeymooned in which is kind of cool (we only went about 30 minutes from home for our honeymoon).

    I am hoping: this week goes better than last. I can’t even recall what specifically sucked so bad but man, it was a long, draining week. I’m thinking the cause was mostly rain, a bored three year old and a baby who is probably having a growth spurt. And strange work hours for Dan. The only thing that is likely to stay the same this week is the three year old part – I’m not giving up hope – we may survive!

    I am reading: Queste by Angie Sage – it’s book four in the Septimus Heap series and I finally got around to checking it out from the library. I loved the first three, I’m still only barely into Queste but liking it so far. I read book three so long ago though that some plot points are still hazy to me and I’m trying to get my brain up to speed with what’s going on and who some people are.

    I am creating: my menu plan for October. I think I finally finished it last night but my menus are always subject to change and do frequently. Still, it’s ready to publish next week and that’s all that matters!

    I am wearing: blue capri pajama pants and a blue tank top – basic bumming around the house, easy to nurse in gear. If I go running tonight after dinner, I’ll be changing into my awesome new workout clothes. I picked up this and this and this and this and this and this at Target. Next month I’m hoping to get some running shoes.

    In the kitchen:

    Around the house: Per usual I’m feeling like I’m drowning in laundry. I do laundry just about every day because of the cloth diapers, and I’ve started doing the rest of the laundry throughout the week as well rather than stockpiling it for once weekly. I think it’s a good thing but it does mean that I am always doing laundry. Really that’s about it – unless you want to know that I organized my desk a bit today but that you’d never know it if you looked at it. It’s better, I swear.

    Plans for the week: I have another dentist appointment on Friday – yes really. I know, it seems like they never end lately. This one is another cleaning, so it won’t be too bad but it won’t be great either as I know they want to finish doing that gum scraping thing which hurts a good bit. That’s about it – other than that, we just plan to you know, live. We don’t really have the making plans with people thing as we don’t know anyone.

    A few of my favorite things: We went to a little street festival yesterday, about 5 minutes away and stopped at a yard sale for a youth theatre company and scored 3 books for 75 cents: She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb; Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and Jamberry by Bruce Degen for the kids. Not bad, huh? We also picked up some fun new things to try at Target – pumpkin pie flavored yogurt by Archer Farms and another Archer Farms goodie, pumpkin pancake mix. Looking forward to trying those!

    A picture thought:

    Monday Mentions: September 28th

    One of my favorite bloggers, Jen @ Daily Mish Mash, just started a fun new blogging feature called Monday Mentions which is basically a chance to mention any fun things you’ve discovered recently, online or otherwise. Any blog posts or articles you’ve loved, songs you’ve discovered, books you’ve finished, whatever. For more information read this. This sounded like a great idea to me, so I’m joining in on the fun (you know I love me a good bandwagon). Here are some of the great things I’ve stumbled across in the past week…

    • I finally finished using up all the apples from our trip to the local apple orchard. The last thing we made was a small batch of homemade apple sauce using this recipe. It came out terrific and we definitely plan to make more again, the next time we go apple picking. I also loved how the apple sauce looked in the mason jars that we bought a few months ago when we saw them on sale at our grocery store. Mason jars make everything look classier, more delicious and just plain better.
    • I’ve been reading about calorie counting everywhere lately. I know sometimes the stuff has already been there and you are just more aware of it when it matters to you (like how many Buicks we see around town now that we own one) but with so many fad diets out there, it’s really great to see mention to the one diet that simply works – the simple mathematical equation of: less calories in, more calories out.
    • This morning one of the first things I saw on my RSS feed was a cute recipe at Bakerella for pumpkin pie bites using refrigerated pie dough and pumpkin filling, a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter and some muffin tins. So adorable – I am planning to try this one for sure. Another fall recipe I’m planning that I mostly came up with on my own – cookies made with chocolate cake mix and instead of white chocolate chips like I normally use, I picked up a bag of Reeses Pieces – which gives me the brown, orange and yellow colors of autumn leaves. I’m hoping to avoid bringing too much candy into our apartment this Halloween season but cookies and pie? You can’t have too much of that!
    • I don’t think I can squeal about this enough – The Host by Stephenie Meyer is headed for the big screen! It’s a shame the odds of Dan and I going to a movie in the theatre is so slim these days because there are a lot of movies I’d love to see that I’ll have to wait for DVD releases on Netflix. Other movies that I’d love to see: New Moon, The Invention of Lying, Whip It, and Where The Wild Things Are. How about you?
    • Hmm speaking of media, how about tv? I finally got around the watching The Forgotten last night and I actually really liked it (hubby is per usual on the fence). I think the whole idea of tracking down John Does and Jane Does is so cool, like In My Imagination Dream Job worthy. The premise alone will have me coming back next week for more. Other new shows I’m loving: Glee, The Good Wife, Modern Family, Eastwick, and god more that I can’t remember now that I’m trying to type this. What new shows are you loving this Fall?

    Lastly, I want to mention one blog for shout out purposes – my desert island pick as Jen coined it. This week I choose: Simple Mom – I love so many of her posts and learn from her so often. I consider her an absolute must read and if you haven’t checked out her blog yet, please do yourself a favor and do it now!

    Want to play along? If you write up a Monday Mentions post, be sure to link up at Daily Mish Mash!