Aloha Friday: Favorite Childhood TV Shows

This morning my son told me that he didn’t want to watch Elmo. Seriously. When I’d turned the tv on, Playhouse Disney was on, leftover from some show he’d been watching last night. I glanced at the clock and noticed Elmo’s World was just starting on Sesame Street so I clicked over to PBS immediately, knowing it was his favorite. “No! I don’t want to … Continue reading Aloha Friday: Favorite Childhood TV Shows

I Seriously Don’t Even Know What To Call This Post…

I know I don’t normally talk about stuff that matters (you know to, like, anyone else but me) but my husband told me about this thing he heard on NPR today and it Apparently the low milk prices that we’ve been rejoicing about for months is not really such a great thing. See dairy farmers are apparently having a hard time making ends meet … Continue reading I Seriously Don’t Even Know What To Call This Post…

Awesome Author Challenge 2010

I know one minute I’m talking about how I don’t have enough time to read and woah is me and I enter book challenges and barely touch them and blah blah blah but when I saw Vivienne’s post about this Awesome Author Challenge hosted by At Home With Books, well… Let’s just say I’m not known for my willpower but I am known for my … Continue reading Awesome Author Challenge 2010

nightstand: october

I’m starting to accept the fact that life with an infant and a preschooler means I just can’t read as quickly right now. I typically read before bed, usually getting down to read around 9:30pm. By ten o’clock I am usually half asleep already which means I’ve got about 30 minutes on most nights to read. Not a lot. All that said, I’ve been averaging … Continue reading nightstand: october

daybook: october 26th

Today… Outside my window: The sun is starting to come down, the sky is looking pretty grey. It’s been raining most of the day, temperatures in the 40’s. We had a blessedly gorgeous weekend though so I’m kind of okay with the return to grey now. I am hearing: the hum of the fan and Dan negotiating good behavior with the boy. He’s being nice … Continue reading daybook: october 26th