“it’s up to your knees out there”

Our weather forecast for today:

A BLIZZARD WARNING remains in effect for almost the entire viewing area until midnight tonight, with a WINTER STORM WARNING in effect for Walworth County.  Heavy snow has fallen overnight, with up to 15 inches reported near Madison.  Another 2 to 4 inches of snow will be possible, for storm totals upwards of 12 to 18 inches!  The snow will taper to snow showers this afternoon and flurries this evening.  It is quite breezy, but the wind will actually die down a bit (as the low tracks nearby) before the winds really kick up later this morning and into the afternoon.  Expect considerable blowing and drifting snow and near whiteout conditions today.  It will also turn dramatically colder, with temperatures dropping into the lower 20s by late afternoon, close to zero tonight and only climbing into the single digits tomorrow!  And when you factor in the wind chill, it will become dangerously cold, with wind chills as low as -15 to -25 by Thursday morning.  It will remain quite cold through Friday, with highs rebounding a bit over the weekend.

I love the exclamation points and commentary in this – wondering if it was a live transcript or if the news writers are just trying to make it more fun to read. Either way, sheesh. It doesn’t look very bad just looking out the window but it took my husband an hour and a half to dig our cars out of our parking spaces. He came back upstairs and I thought, “Oh no, he wasn’t able to get to work!” Nope, he’d just only just then finished digging out and wanted some dry clothes to work in! Poor guy. Now I have the fun task of worrying about him all day while he’s at work. “What if he’s STILL driving?” I might ask myself at lunchtime. Hopefully he checks in with me to let me know he got there okay. Hopefully that doesn’t happen at like 3pm.

In all honesty though, I’m not sure I’d dub this “storm of the century” or anything just… snowy and cold. But then again, I wasn’t outside digging. And “dangerously cold”? Yikes – I think we’ll skip any sledding plans for now! Hopefully it warms up a bit by the weekend. Either way, me thinks bunco might be out of the question between the weather and the sick kids. Yup, still totally annoyingly sick. Fun times.

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?