aloha friday: if a picture is worth a thousand words…

I’ve been thinking about new years resolutions, or really just things I’d like to do next year. Of course I’d always like to read more, I’d like to do more baking, I’d like to lose another 50 pounds. But these are all things I know I will try to do regardless of whether or not I “resolve” to do them. I’m looking for something more interesting – something that I might not do if I didn’t challenge myself to try. I have been hearing about 365 challenges for a couple of years now and you know, I think I might try one.

Most people do a 365 photo challenge – either taking a self portrait each day or just a picture in general with no theme required. Some people work on a craft or hobby. I think the picture thing is more up my alley though. Commitment isn’t a strong suit of mine and I don’t want to say I’ll try a new recipe every  day for a year when I don’t think I have that in me. But with a small pocket camera and two cute kids that I already take pictures of all the time… I think I might be able to handle it.

After looking through the pictures of people who have done it, blogs like this one with such stunning photographs or reading this interview with Taylor McKnight who started doing a 365 Photo Challenge back in 2004 (his pictures from 2006 are stunning) it really makes me want to give it a try. What do you think of 365 Challenges?

  • What would you like to do every day for a year?
  • Do you think I should give myself a theme like “pictures of my kids” or “self portraits” or leave it totally open ended?
  • Have you ever done a 365 challenge?
  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many pages do you think 365,000 words would fill in say a standard paperback book?

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