Did you know I came home from the hospital in a stocking?

XKCD Merry Christmas Comic 2009

It’s like this comic was made just for me – with just enough of the details changed ever so slightly so that I can deny it. Because I was actually born on Christmas Eve but really, same difference.

If you click over to their site and read the hover text… wow. TMI but in a funny way and more irony.

Merry Christmas again and Happy Birthday to anyone else in my shoes!

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  1. xmasdolly says:

    My son was born on 12.23.72 and also came home in a Christmas stocking, and uses that very same stocking to this day for Santa. It’s bigger then all the other kids, so he makes out with Santa okay, but he did confess to me as he got older that he hated when I would wrap his birthday present in Christmas paper.


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