Meet Dolly: A Most Fabulous Doll.

BB with Dolly

I mentioned in my Daybook entry that we finally finished Dolly this weekend. I first stumbled upon the pattern for this beautiful doll at hart + sew, where Stacy shows the beautiful suitcase / doll house and pretty doll clothes that she’d made for her dolly, using a template by Emily at The Black Apple, which was featured at Martha Stewart because hello, such a fantastic pattern, am I right?

Unfortunately being able to admire pretty patterns and pick out pretty fabrics, doesn’t make me a gifted seamstress. In fact, I appear to be the opposite of this and found myself frequently whining “I don’t want to doooooo this anymore,” as the sewing machine gave me grief after grief, probably because I’m inept. Luckily, my husband is far more talented and patient and helped me finish the doll anyway. I’d say the workload was 15% effort and 85% swearing on my end and 100% awesomeness on his end.

admiring her lovey with her daddy

The biggest pain in the butt for me with this project was the lovely golden felt which eventually after much swearing became her hair. Felt does not like to be sewn, at least by my hands. It sucked. Also, while sewing in a straight line is fairly straight forward, sewing curves mostly eludes me. There must be some easy obvious way to do it, but mostly for me it was just more swearing and making pouting faces at my husband.

thanking her daddy for her dolly

He’s a keeper.

And in the end, the doll was finished. Though we found a small hole in the leg last night that needs to be mended, but shhhhh in the end the doll was finished, the girl was happy, the doll was adorable and action shots were taken…

look at the doll dance

Daybook: February 21st

not too thrilled with what's outside the window


Outside my window: It’s kind of wet and dreary and drizzly and slushy and ten million other reasons to stay indoors at all costs.

This weekend: the poor little miss had a stomach bug so we spent much of the weekend indoors, biding time, attending to the yuck. Luckily she didn’t seem too distraught about the whole thing and kept busy with the work of play.

cute pony tail alert!

what doesn't everyone watch tv while sitting in a laundry basket on a chair?

The worst seems to have finally passed though with minimal fuss and we spent our time trapped indoors getting caught up on projects, like this pretty doll that I bought fabric to make forever and a moon or two ago.

Meet Dolly.

this is Dolly

We also: managed to get a few errands done early before we realized the sick was so sickly. Love this picture of MM and BB driving a shopping cart car together. That BB is quite an aggressive driver.

watch your toes!

Iā€™m reading: Friendship Bread by Darien Gee. It’s… interesting. The plot is much heavier than I anticipated and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to handle the unraveling of certain stories, but it’s well written and enjoyable when it’s not making me think, “Oh my god, please don’t make me read about this awful thing!” So yeah… I’ll let you know how I feel when (if) I finish it.

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One three last pictures to share before I go: Time for your next adorable BB pictures fix! I took these pictures in the car while waiting for the hubby…

such a stinkin cutie