Daybook: March 7th


Outside my window: It’s cool and cloudy but we’re expected to get highs in the balmy mid-30’s today. I know you’re jealous.

This weekend: was MM’s first official swim class. He and Dan went to the Y after dropping BB and I off at the grocery store. I have to admit, it was sort of glorious to do my shopping with just little BB whose few little temper tantrums were simply nothing compared to the much more mobile MM and let’s not forget my husband who although being perfect in nearly every way, is not very much fun to grocery shop with. We walk at different paces and have completely different shopping personalities so it’s often just ughhhh. I’m looking forward to this new routine where BB and I shop while Dan and MM swim – then pick us up and carry all the heavy bags upstairs.

Even better? In a little over a month, we’ll hopefully be in the house and I won’t even need the muscle. I can just pull into our garage and carry the bags inside myself at my leisure. No more dragging the bags up two flights of stairs with little ones in tow. ::sigh::

BTW: This kid is becoming quite the little water baby – Dan says he did awesome in his class and had a great time. It’s a nice small class with just four kids his age and a teacher – all the kids wear the Y’s standard flotation device and Dan feels totally comfortable with the whole thing. I know being Worrisome Mommy, I’d probably still be a nervous wreck, which is why Dan takes him – haha – but I’m thrilled that he’s doing so well and taking after his daddy who loves swimming.

We also: went to Uno’s for lunch this weekend and I had the most amazing cup of tea with my meal that I loved so much I went on Amazon and ordered a box (doesn’t seem to be sold in stores). Has anyone else had Harney & Son’s Hot Cinnamon Spice? I’m their new biggest fan.

I’m reading: Bright Young Things by Anna Godbersen finally, I’ve been able to pick this up again and just like her Luxe series I am quickly becoming infatuated with this new series and in serious danger of finishing it soon and being stuck waiting for her to finish book two. :OP Of course I have a long list of books waiting for my attention so I suppose quick reading is really a good thing!

Plans for the Week: This afternoon I am registering my little boy for kindergarten! I cannot believe he is old enough that this is possible and of course it comes with it’s laundry list of difficulties like the fact that we’re moving next month which means I have to register him twice – once to get him on the books and then again next month at the correct school with the new address. But I’m still so excited for this milestone. It’s a new era!

I’ve also got a lot of “new house” stuff to do, phone calls to make, packing to plan and fingers to cross that the rest of this journey goes somewhat smoothly after months of being on hold, right now I just want this to happen and that house to be mine. It’s still kind of surreal though, the whole idea that I might be a homeowner in two months, really maybe one month – I’ll believe it when I see it, you know?

Things you should click:

  • Simple Mom has a five week long spring cleaning project called Project Simplify that I’m planning to join in on at least sporadically. I figure decluttering and home organization will likely make the packing process a bit easier and also keep me busy while I tap my foot impatiently for the rest of the closing procedures to happen. This week we’re tackling our wardrobe which made me laugh when I read that this morning because I actually started doing this yesterday before I even knew what the week’s theme would be – very timely and I’m looking forward to getting my wardrobe in top top shape. Wanna join in? There are giveaways and everything.
  • This indoor tree house inspired bed @ ohdeedoh is so cool, I kind of want one for myself. Doesn’t this look like the perfect reading nook?
  • Doesn’t the idea of a seasonal library sound nice? Just like you bring out the Christmas decorations each winter, Bernadette @ Rhythm of the Home had the idea to have a few selected seasonal books to tuck away and bring out with each season to make them more special and also preserve their life a bit – something that definitely appeals to me as my kids are still so rough with books.

One last pictures to share before I go: just a quick snapshot of BB that made me smile. Love those wavy locks.