One Smart Cookie.

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MM had his kindergarten screening today. Which means he spent 30 minutes with a teacher who sneakily quizzed him on basic skills to make sure he’s ready for kindergarten.

From what I gathered from the teacher, MM is MORE than ready for kindergarten and quite advanced in his writing skills for his age. Always nice to hear – I sometimes suspect my son might be brilliant (his father flat out says it’s true) but it’s nice to hear from outside sources when  they are doing well – that it’s not just in your head. I am biased after all.

While he did his screening with his teacher, Miss Jenny, BB and I filled out a bit of paperwork and then we stacked some wooden blocks together that we found in a random pile of toys in the room (convenient!). She sort of gets the idea of stacking blocks, but mostly still just likes taking the blocks out and then putting them away again (if I’m lucky).

The teacher who quizzed him, Miss Jenny, is exactly the kind of teacher you hope your kids get for kindergarten – nearly syrupy sweet, bubbling with energy, totally gets kids and knows how to speak at their level, but can still talk like a grown up to you – I really got great vibes. I kind of wish MM were going to be staying in this school district, for the off chance that he’d get her for a teacher because she was so awesome. Hopefully we’ll find similarly awesome teachers in the school district our house is in.

(PS, I think it’s crazy that a house half a mile up the street is in a different school district than our apartment – and that the school we registered him for his actually closer to the house than the school he’ll be going to when we move. I also find it crazy that there are at least four elementary schools within three miles of our home.)