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St Pattys Day Project #2: Spring Cookies To Share

speaking of cookies... on 365 Project

After lunch the kids and I made sugar cookies with light green frosting and some pretty, Spring colored sprinkles. Okay, if we’re going to be honest, this wasn’t my shining moment in Baking With the Kids, but they did come out pretty and MM did help with some pouring, frosting and sprinkling in between me yelling at him to get out of my kitchen… Oh well, I tried.

This was one of those projects where I improvised from beginning to end. I’d been hoping to find some kind of “kit” in the store that was all St Patrick’s Day Spiffy without being cut and cook cookies loaded with MSG. I ended up buying sugar cookie mix, frosting and green food coloring (that are probably loaded with MSG, but at least I had to mix my ingredients). Then I thought the sprinkles would look like pretty spring flowers. They are probably more Easter appropriate than Saint Patrick’s Day, but still a fun Spring project and delicious.

Not wanting to have too many sweets in the house, we decided to plate up four cookies and bring them across the hall to some neighbors that we’ve never taken the time to really get to know. I can still remember when our other neighbors did that around Christmas and it was such a clever way to say hello and truly started a great friendship. I decided to take a page from her book and be That Awesome Neighbor. Remind me to do the same thing when we move because it’s such a good idea and I actually know more about our neighbor now from ten minutes chatting than from two years living across the hall from each other! Another reminder to reach out more and say hello to the people you see every day!

Hope you guys are having a fantastic Saint Patrick’s Day! And if you want to steal my “Hello Neighbors” cookie idea – well, DO it! Then come tell me how it went! Let’s start a Cookies to Share revolution!

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St Pattys Day Project #1: Arched Spectrums

This morning MM and I had grand plans to begin our St Patrick’s Day celebration by make rainbow drawings together. I figured I’d cheat and find a free printable online so he wouldn’t have to witness mommy’s terrible drawing skills. But sometimes the Internet just doesn’t yield the results you are hoping for and I found myself unimpressed with what was out there. So I opened up Gimp and decided to just make my own. I needed lots of geeky help from Engineer Daddy, but was quickly able to make a pretty perfect rainbow printable. Because I’m awesome, I’m sharing it with you!
rainbow - just cut in half

Just click on the image and it will bring you to the full-sized version to print, cut in half and color – see, I’m so awesome, I’m giving you two rainbows for the price of one!

I love Gimp, but if it weren’t for my husband, I’m afraid I’d probably be too dumb to use it properly. So my Saint Patrick’s Day gift to you is the finished product of my husband’s intelligence and several minutes of me problem shooting. No fuss, no muss, for you my dear readers!

Oh and just to let you know how not very bright I am and how Super Geeky Extreme my husband is, here’s a quick snippet of the beginning of our Make Your Own Rainbow conversation.

Me: How many colors are in a rainbow?

Dan: Well, technically it’s an infinite number of colors because [wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah – that’s Peanuts Teacher speak for those of you who don’t speak Wah Wah]

Me: Blank stare.

Dan: Seven. Remember ROYGBIV? You can skip the Indigo if you want though.

That’s a lot of wah wah’s considering the word “seven” was all I was looking for. The ROYGBIV was helpful, too, though. I’d have remembered that eventually though, right? Do I lose more intelligence points if I admit that I googled pictures of rainbows to see if red was at the top of the rainbow or bottom? Jury seems to be out on that one, but the majority was leaning towards the top so that’s what I went with. MM, ever the Individual, decided to start at the bottom. BB The Rebel ignored all the rules completely.

a family of rainbows

Mommy colors so much faster than her children, that she colored daddy’s too.

One thing I’ve really tried to stress to MM in our coloring adventures is the concept of many shades of colors and individuality – how it’s beautiful that there are several shades of green and that he should feel free to use any shade he likes – or purple if he’d rather. For the purpose of the rainbow, I did teach him the order, but I wanted him to feel free to use any shade he liked and to go ahead and go in the reverse order that I was doing. No harm, no foul, right?

Happy St Patricks Day, bloggy friends! If you use my rainbow printable I’d love to hear if it prints okay for you and maybe see the finished results of your artsy ways. Next up on our Green Celebration is making sugar cookies with green frosting after lunch. How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?