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Project Simplify: Kids Toys & Clothes

Project Simplify @ Simple MomThis week’s hot spot in Simple Mom’s Project: Simplify was childrens’ toys and clothing. I try to go through both the toys and clothes for the kids regularly so I wasn’t sure how much would actually need to be disposed of. But I figured with the changing seasons and our impending move, it was a good time to check.


Tuesday afternoon MM and I went through the toy collection while BB was napping (she’s way too young to be involved in a toy purge in my opinion). I think MM did a pretty good job being my little helper and although we didn’t get rid of much, he was pretty easy going about what we did decide to purge.

toy collection - BEFORE

This was the kids’ toy collection before our purge. Not shown are the toy kitchen and toy doll house, but the smaller play things that belong to each are included in the pile.

Just looking at the pile confirmed to me that I really have done a pretty good job keeping this under control. Half of these toys weren’t in rotation when I started our purge – I had to take them out of a closet to add them to the pile.

First we went through and organized all of the toys. I explained to MM that I wanted to put all the cars and trucks together, all the blocks together, stuffed animals, etc. It took him a little while to get the hang of it, but he did a pretty good job and just having him focused on a small part of this, let me work quickly on the rest. Then we went through each small pile at a time and decided which things we loved and which things we were ready to get rid of, particularly any toys that even BB seemed to have outgrown.

donation bag

We were able to fill a paper bag from the grocery store with odds and ends that we didn’t use anymore and then organized everything else, putting all the blocks in a bag and making sure the toy foods made their way to the toy kitchen, etc.

fully stocked toy kitchen doll house dining room

We don’t have much in the way of toy organization, so most of the other toys just went back in the toy basket for now.

miscellaneous toys


BB's closet - BEFOREThe next day  I went through BB’s clothes. We don’t have a dresser in her room yet, so we’ve been organizing her clothes in a closet hanging shoe rack. This isn’t actually all of her clothes, because I was doing laundry when I took this picture.

Once her laundry was all clean, I piled it all on my bed to go through. My mission was to weed out most of the winter wear now that the weather is getting warmer and to ditch most of her 18 months clothing which is getting too small and add in some of the 2Ts that I still had set aside for spring weather.

pile of clothes - BEFOREI got rid of some footie pajamas that were too small and also too warm for this weather and moved sweat pants that she never wears into the pajama pile, figuring they will work perfectly for spring pajama pants. I also weeded through the ocean of sweat shirts that she never wears and noticed she’d outgrown most of them, too. No love lost there. I was able to keep about four or five sweaters from what was left. I also took out a lot of the cold weather dresses to make way for spring dresses.

donation pile

Here is all the stuff I decided to donate.

I was honestly amazed by how many clothes were left considering how much I got rid of – BB has a LOT of clothes! We have been very blessed with hand me downs for BB and I basically had a full set of 2T clothing ready and waiting for her from friends and family. Her wardrobe looks great now, much like mine, it consists of more things she’ll actually wear and now we’ll be able to quickly find them instead of weeding through a pile of things we don’t like.

closet - AFTER

Here’s everything hanging up in her closet:

For the clothes that were left, I decided to start hanging up the skirts and tights for easy access, along with her sweaters and dresses.

I moved her sock box to the second shelf so that I can reach it easier. We’re only using four shelves now instead of six, so everything is much easier to reach – no more bending down to reach the bottom shelves!

All in all, this declutter was definitely needed and the results are fantastic. I’m especially glad to see all those great clothes that BB’s outgrown heading to a donation center for kids who need them.

Now it was MM’s turn.


I knew before I started that MM’s clothing situation would be very different from BB’s. He has grown very little in the past year and we’ve already gotten rid of most of the clothing he’d outgrown. But I got a pile together of his clothing, figuring it would be a great time reorganize at least.

MM's clothing - BEFORE

Again, I went through everything to make sure there were no lingering 3Ts in his wardrobe. I actually found a sweatshirt and two pairs of overalls in his closet that were too small. No big surprise there, we don’t keep much in his closet and we never really go in there.

I decided to put the overalls in BB’s To Grow Into pile of 3T clothing, figuring that plain denim is fairly gender neutral. I may feel differently when I see her wearing them, but for now I’m holding onto them. The sweatshirt I added to a donate pile, along with some Christmas pajamas that I decided to donate now while they are in good condition instead of letting him wear them all year.

I also went through his sock pile and got rid of some older socks and also took out a pile of socks that I think are too big for him and moved them to his closet to save until his feet get bigger. Hopefully I don’t forget they are there.

clothes to get rid of

So here are the clothes I took out of his wardrobe.

MM's wardrobe - AFTER

And here’s his wardrobe after, organized and ready to be put back into his drawers and closet respectively. I switched the boxes his socks and underwear were in to better accommodate them and got all his dress shirts hanging up again.

I was very pleased with how everything looked, but when he came into his room that night, he opened his pajama drawer and literally screamed. I came into the room, thinking he was hurt and he looked up at me and yelled, “Who put my socks in the underwear box and my underwear in the sock box???” I had to laugh, nothing gets past him – but I honestly didn’t expect him to be bothered by the change. Hopefully he’ll come around. :O)