Daybook: March 28th

need a map?


Outside my window: Things like pretty calm and pleasant. The weekend was a bit chilly for my taste, cooling back down to the low 30s. It’s looks like we’re heading back to the 40’s this week, so that makes me happy.

This weekend: we spent a lot of time being homebodies. Watching movies, baking, playing games. Also, there was dancing…

dancing... dancing...

more dancing... still dancing...

We also: scored some awesome new clothes for BB from the little girls across the hall (courtesy of their awesome momma). We got a small assortment of cute spring clothes and a huge mountain of clothes in 3T and 4T – making me feel so blessed and just lucky to have great friends.

BB rocking some new duds

I’m reading: Heads You Lose by Lisa Lutz and David Hayward, this terrifically funny collaboration between Lutz, who wrote The Spellman Files books that you’ve probably heard me rave about – and her ex-boyfriend and poet Hayward. So far I’ve been impressed by the story in the book, which is actually pretty cool, and how well they seem to be collaborating despite a few cutting remarks. Each author gets every other chapter, no real editing allowed – with correspondence between Lutz and Hayward in between each chapter. The writer geek in me is just loving this, it brings back fun memories from my college writing classes and I’m honestly just impressed that the idea is working and that they finished it and that I’m loving it! I’m sure I’ll have more things to say when I’ve finished as I’m honestly still pretty early in on the book, about 5 or 6 chapters – anything could still happen and probably will!

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One last pictures to share before I go: love this silly picture of BB waiting impatiently for her turn at tooth brushing – a very popular event in our home!

my turn?