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Your Weekly TANABAB Fix, Plus Spoilers

TANABAB = The Adorable Not a Baby Anymore Blueberry

getting ready for a close up

When I started taking pictures of BB in this cute little outfit from the pile of handmedowns that I mentioned, she decided to take the opportunity to get her “close ups” – really close up.

can I have the camera now, mommy?

whoops, sorry I knocked you down mommy!

do you need help getting back up?

silly little big girlAfter getting sooo close for her close up that she knocked me down, she actually then proceeded to climb on top of me – which made it pretty hard to take pictures, but was adorable nonetheless. And actually, the pictures are pretty stinkin’ cute, too!

I’m officially smitten with this outfit, this girl, those eyes, that hair – speaking of hair – what do we think? Bangs or no bangs? Dan thinks we should grow them out, but I am kind of in love with the bangs – I can’t personally pull off bangs but I’m loving them on her and living vicariously through her adorable ‘do. Should we put it to a vote?


Check yes or no

On a completely unrelated note:

Coming soon to an RSS feed near you... Yesterday I tore myself away from that adorable little girl and I cleaned my pantry out for Simple Mom’s Project: Simplify. Lots of fun pictures with captions are coming your way. And today, I’m hoping to clean the refrigerator, too – meaning even more pictures. Can you handle the suspense?