Battle Scars : Clogged Toilets and Holey Ceilings

Yesterday afternoon when my sweet children were supposed to be napping, the older child was creating a bit of harmless mischief in the kids’ bathroom upstairs. With toilet paper. But sometimes harmless mischief goes horribly wrong and yesterday was one of those times. He clogged the toilet. He flushed the toilet. He flushed again. And again. By the time he came downstairs in defeat to … Continue reading Battle Scars : Clogged Toilets and Holey Ceilings

Nightstand : April

It’s time for another Nightstand post, a blogging carnival hosted monthly at 5 Minutes For Books – the premise is pretty simple: write about what you’re reading, read recently and / or plan to read in the future. Here’s what I’ve read in the past month: Shadow of the Wind (kindle) by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (March Book Club Pick) – Finished March 24, 2011 – This was … Continue reading Nightstand : April

Some stuff. and other things.

First off, because I’m sure you are going into withdrawls for some close up shots of this stunning face. Your welcome. So this weekend was Easter which means egg decorating and pretty spring dresses and Easter egg hunting. Even better, my dad is in town visiting which means the kids are over the moon having someone new to devote all their attention to them. It’s … Continue reading Some stuff. and other things.

MM's 5th Birthday Party: The Dinosaur Race Car Pizza Party

On Sunday we celebrated MM’s 5th birthday with friends – in our new house. (I may never get tired of saying that) Many moons ago he requested a dinosaur racecar pizza party and I worked diligently to deliver. He picked out the cake, frosting, etc. and even helped me make the cake – such a big kid. He chose a strawberry cake with chocolate frosting … Continue reading MM's 5th Birthday Party: The Dinosaur Race Car Pizza Party


Today my little baby, my tiny little bundle of joy, is turning five years old. Those five years? Went kind of like this… Sweet little moments. Silly silliness. Loveable cuddles. Amazing milestones. Major ch-ch-ch-changes. His five years on this earth have been a rollercoaster ride of constant change, constant growth, constantly amazing his proud, proud momma. And to think it all started like this… With … Continue reading five.

I Read: Heads You Lose by Lisa Lutz and David Hayward

Did you ever have a creative writing class in high school or college where the teacher wanted you to pair up with another classmate and you’d write one chapter and then they’d write the next chapter? Maybe even the whole class collectively tried to write a story together in this fashion and it inevitably ended up being some ridiculous zombie apocalypse love story treasure hunt … Continue reading I Read: Heads You Lose by Lisa Lutz and David Hayward