Goals for Spring 2011

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The weather  here in Wisconsin is still a bit bleak, but the calendar confirms it : Spring has sprung. I figured I’d better get a small set of goals written up before I turn around and find out it’s summer, huh? So here are the things I’m hoping to do this Spring:

  1. Buy a house – I am hoping this one is a no brainer. We’ve been in the process of buying a house for awhile and the closing date is right around the corner. My biggest goal for this spring is to get that house, move in and get settled in our new home.
  2. Bake up a storm – I want to learn more about bread baking and make some cake, cookies and anything else my waist line can stand. I also want to involve the kids more in these projects.
  3. Play outdoors – go to the playground, collect wild flowers, spend as much time as possible in our back yard – when I’m not in the kitchen, I want to be outside.
  4. Decorate easter eggs with MM – like real, potentially breakable Easter Eggs. Hold me.
  5. Edit my novel. I wrote it – now I need to get off my butt and make that thing pretty and, if possible, publishable.

What are your plans this Spring?


Daybook: April 4th

blogger in training


Outside my window: it’s a bit cloudy and cool, but not too bad. We’ve been getting some rain on and off lately but the temps are staying fairly warm and we’ve got some sunny  days ahead.

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This weekend: we started packing some boxes for our impending move. We’re hopefully going to sign the papers on Friday and then start moving this weekend, but there are still a few balls in the air so we’ve only been packing things that we won’t need anytime soon and holding off a bit so that we aren’t surrounded in boxes, but if we get the okay from the FHA today we’ll probably start kicking it into high gear.

We also: picked up MM’s birthday present finally. We’d been thinking of waiting until after the move to go get it, but I was worried that something would come up and we’d be too busy to go, so yesterday I convinced Dan to take an impromptu trip to IKEA to get this and this. We also looked at lots of furniture, sort of day dreaming and plotting future furniture purchases.

I’m reading: a few books right now, trying to decide which book I want to be reading – so I guess that makes me currently in between books. I was going to read Anne of Windy Poplars on my kindle but for some reason it is still in copyright and not available for the Kindle yet, so I ordered a copy from the library and I’m kind of just flitting through a few books while I wait. Pretty soon I’ll need to start reading The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman for my April book club meeting.

Things you should click:

One Two last pictures to share before I go: couldn’t choose between this picture of the kids tackling their daddy Hop On Pop style or another random picture which shows off one of BB’s new summer dresses.




Top 5 Pictures from March

I know I’m a couple days late in posting my five favorite pictures from March. I’m sure you were all looking at your calendars and stamping your feet in frustration, right? Well then, let’s not waste any time! Here they are…

hello, hello baby, you called, i can't hear a thing... on 365 Project

In an effort to send mixed messages, rather than say, “Give me back my phone,” I took pictures and then made Lady Gaga references. Excellent moments in parenting here.

the nightly family walk. on 365 Project

Blurry pictures of parent and child were all the rage this month. And the weather was never the same for two days in a row.

speaking of cookies... on 365 Project

I got a bit of cookie baking in this month and even some pretty decorating and food coloring. Yum.

his first tattoo on 365 Project

MM got his first “tattoo” and is still not quite sure what to make of the whole thing. Did he like it or not? I’m really not sure.

the sweetest moment. on 365 Project

And last, but certainly not least, who can resist sibling snuggles? Not me.

Here were my Top 5 Pictures from January and February for anyone looking for a trip down memory lane!