Daybook: April 4th

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Outside my window: it’s a bit cloudy and cool, but not too bad. We’ve been getting some rain on and off lately but the temps are staying fairly warm and we’ve got some sunny  days ahead.

boxes. on 365 Project

This weekend: we started packing some boxes for our impending move. We’re hopefully going to sign the papers on Friday and then start moving this weekend, but there are still a few balls in the air so we’ve only been packing things that we won’t need anytime soon and holding off a bit so that we aren’t surrounded in boxes, but if we get the okay from the FHA today we’ll probably start kicking it into high gear.

We also: picked up MM’s birthday present finally. We’d been thinking of waiting until after the move to go get it, but I was worried that something would come up and we’d be too busy to go, so yesterday I convinced Dan to take an impromptu trip to IKEA to get this and this. We also looked at lots of furniture, sort of day dreaming and plotting future furniture purchases.

I’m reading: a few books right now, trying to decide which book I want to be reading – so I guess that makes me currently in between books. I was going to read Anne of Windy Poplars on my kindle but for some reason it is still in copyright and not available for the Kindle yet, so I ordered a copy from the library and I’m kind of just flitting through a few books while I wait. Pretty soon I’ll need to start reading The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman for my April book club meeting.

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One Two last pictures to share before I go: couldn’t choose between this picture of the kids tackling their daddy Hop On Pop style or another random picture which shows off one of BB’s new summer dresses.





  1. @ Jean : I seriously cannot wait – every little mundane thing we do is going to be exciting. Like “omg we’re eating breakfast in our HOUSE” and “Let’s watch TV in our HOUSE!” lol That said, the actual moving part? I’m not looking forward to that very much.


  2. The wheatgrass is really easy…the kids do it a lot at school.. Im so excited for you and the move. How exciting will that be to have Easter in your OWN house, egg hunts in your OWN yard?! Eggciting!


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