Daybook: June 27th

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Outside my window… it’s a bit cloudy with rain predicted but at least it’s not too cold. We had a perfect weekend weather-wise with nice warm temps and just enough of a breeze to keep us comfortable – perfect camping weather!

This weekend we took the kids camping at a private campground about an hour away. It was really more of an RV park which wasn’t Dan’s favorite thing, especially with a firefighter convention thing going on that weekend, it made the place pretty crowded and noisy. But the campground did have an incredible kids’ playground and the area it was located was ideal. We’ll definitely camp in that town again but we might choose a different campground.

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Before we came home yesterday we stopped at Devil’s Lake State Park which is very popular around here, boasting gorgeous views, a playground and a small beach and picnic areas. It was definitely beautiful and of course the kids loved the playground and MM quickly made best friends with another boy his age that was there. MM can make best friends anywhere. :O)

I am reading Second Wind by Cami Ostman right now, It’s a memoir I’ll be reviewing soon about Cami’s quest to run seven marathons on seven continents – a challenge which began as an attempt to recover from the pain of divorce. I am not a divorcee or a runner, but I’m really enjoying this book which already has me wanting to start exercising more – and if that’s the only thing I end up getting from this book, I’ll consider it well worth the read! I am really enjoying the book though and I expect to give rave reviews when I finish.

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Two more picture I gotta show you: a couple more pictures from playing check up with BB on Friday:

Have I mentioned that BB is pretty sure that all medication is applied topically? After she “gives shots” she always rubs the medicine in afterwards.