Daybook: September 19th


Outside my window: we’re having a bit of the dreary, rainy, blechy lately. This results in wet socks, grumpy mommies and our house painting being stuck on hold. Luckily Dan got most of the wall we are painting finished on Saturday while the weather was good because now we are waiting for dry weather so he can finish.

This weekend: we obviously did a bit of painting on our most in need of TLC wall. Dan’s friend from work came to help and we did a lot of take out including my favorite thai dishes – yum!

We also: spent a lot of time indoors – I caught up on a bit of my reading (a new book review will be coming tomorrow!) and some cleaning, too. We made homemade pizza last night and even braved the mall for a bit yesterday afternoon. Which was horrendously crowded and not very fun, though I did get a cute new shirt. Apparently I only have one long sleeve shirt and I’m not sure how that happened but now I have two.

Right now I’m reading: Cutting For Stone with only 100 pages left to go! And I’ll be starting Finding Aster today as well. Coincidentally both books are about Ethiopia and I really hadn’t noticed when I picked up both books. I love when that happens.

A few plans this week include: going to a fun family friendly farm tomorrow with BB and then a walk at the botanical gardens on Wednesday. I’m planning to brave story time on Friday with her (story time at this age, from what I remember with MM, is not really very fun). At this age, MM did not want to sit still at all to listen to the story and it was always more stressful than anything. But I’m going to try with BB because you never know.

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One last picture to share before I go: Friday night my meetup group and I held our first ever Book Swap, an ingenious idea that popped into my head this summer and then when everyone said “Great idea!” I said “I’ll host!” because I not-so-secretly adore hosting things. It’s kind of my favorite thing. Plus I don’t have to drive when I’m hosting. Bonus points.

Anyway, the swap was really a smashing success – everyone came with a bunch of books that they’d read or wanted to get rid of – everyone left with a bunch of books that they were excited to read and didn’t have to pay for. A small handful of great books were selected to donate to the troops (coinciding with a care package for the troops that our Community Service group was organizing) and the rest of the unpicked books are going to be donated to the library! Perfection!

Plus there were baked goods and silly conversations about everything from religion to Anyone else remember that website? Oh, the fond memories. Dan and I still make Homestar jokes often.

Here are the books I ended up with (not a bad swap considering I brought 4 boxes of books to the swap pile!

2 thoughts on “Daybook: September 19th

  1. That is an awesome idea about the book swap! Great ideas for passing along the books to others. And yes, the service members will greatly appreciate those books!

    Good luck w/ story time.

  2. I actually love the paint project picture…it’s right up my alley of random things to take pics of. (you know me so well)
    I remember Homestar Runner! I totally forgot about it. Did you/do you read

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