A new years tradition.

extra: Our 2012 Family Picture on 365 Project

Every year since moving to Madison we take a trip to Dan’s office on New Years Day to take a family portrait (2011, 2010 (and this one)). This year we took our family picture in the Dungeons and Dragons Throne Room. Seriously.

Here’s another shot:

Fun, huh? And of course, I can’t just go and get those two pictures and leave. There is too much cool stuff to see and photograph. Like…

You know, the usual.

6 thoughts on “A new years tradition.

  1. I too have been intrigued about Dan’s workplace…sounds like such a great company and what a cool environment or at least place to have a holiday party.


  2. @ Jean : Two things of note: one, this isn’t Dan’s primary office, he actually works in another location altogether most days, which is probably good because his location is much less distracting! Two, the slide is on the 2nd floor of the building and slides down to the first. I think people do take the slide occasionally when it’s convenient, but I don’t know that it would be a daily thing.


  3. I think I’ve said this every year.. but does Dan get to slide down the slide to get to or from work every day? I mean if I could take the slide everyday to work, I wouldn’t care what I did, clean the toilets? Im your girl cause I get to take the slide. ;P


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