Idol Thoughts: My faves from last night’s Idol

For a few years now I’ve been blogging about my experience watching American Idol – some years I talk about it more than others. Last year I think I only mentioned it once but I watched the whole season eagerly. This year I only flitted through Hollywood round (ignoring the auditions altogether as they are my least favorite) but now that we are into the … Continue reading Idol Thoughts: My faves from last night’s Idol

Nightstand: February

It’s time for another installment of What’s On Your Nightstand, a monthly blog carnival hosted by the lovely ladies at 5 minutes for books. Time to answer the burning questions: “What are you reading? What have you read recently? What are you planning to read next? What books are currently on your nightstand either literally or metaphorically.” Books Read This Month When we last nightstanded, … Continue reading Nightstand: February

Currently. (feb 27, 2012)

Obsessing over: this new cookbook I picked up at Barnes & Noble on clearance yesterday – totally spur of the moment. It’s called Cook Yourself Thin Faster! by Lauren Deen, apparently based off a television show on Lifetime. I was admittedly struck by the cute cover initially but thought it would just be full of artificial sweeteners and salad. But after flipping through it at … Continue reading Currently. (feb 27, 2012)

Book Review: These Is My Words by Nancy Turner

This month my book club discussed These is my Words by Nancy E. Turner which tells the amazing story of Sarah Agnes Prine, written in diary form. Here’s a description of the book from “Inspired by the author’s original family memoirs, this absorbing story introduces us to the questing, indomitable Sarah Prine, one of the most memorable women ever to survive and prevail in … Continue reading Book Review: These Is My Words by Nancy Turner

Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge: The results are in!

Well guys, the weight loss challenge that I embarked on three weeks ago ended officially yesterday. I just retook my measurements so I guess it’s time to write about my results with the Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge by Dustin Maher. First, I thought I’d tell you my thoughts overall with the challenge. I thought the challenge was very well thought out with the guidelines … Continue reading Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge: The results are in!

Shhhh… she’s in the other room…

Here’s to the most beautiful woman in the world.  (Sorry to disappoint, if you thought you held that title).  The yin to my yang, the peanut butter to my jelly.  She keeps me grounded, and is the wind beneath my wings.  She makes me strive to be better in every way, and props me up when I can’t.  She puts up with my workaholism, my … Continue reading Shhhh… she’s in the other room…