Celebrating 4 Years of Bloggy Goodness


Today my blog is no longer a temper tantrum throwing, crumb covered toddler resisting naptime while shouting for MORE ELMO WORLD. Today my blog is a four year old. It’s practically potty trained, learning more and more every day and anxiously awaiting the day it can jump on a yellow school bus with no seat belts and spend it’s time away from home drinking juice boxes and sitting down for story time. It rides tricycles and speaks in complete sentences, most of the time. It’s a preschooler on a mission now, hovering precariously between toddler and child.

(I bet you are asking yourself “Why doesn’t my blog ride a tricycle yet? Should we be potty training our blog by now?” I know, my blog is pretty advanced, don’t be jealous, you’ll get there.)

Happy 4th birthday to mommablogsalot.com. I can still remember those first days when I started this blog when I still asked myself occasionally “What is a blog?” When I thought that maybe someday I’d be as cool as Dooce (I didn’t even know who the Pioneer Woman WAS back then, shocking, I know) and even my first comment. We’ve come a long way since then. In and out of memes, bursting onto the review blogging scene and then eventually sneaking back out. This blog has been a part of some major changes in my life. It followed me through my 2nd pregnancy, consoled me through a brief stint of unemployment, it moved halfway across the country with me and was there for me to vent when we were buying our first house. It was here to celebrate with me when my first born started kindergarten and it suffered through potty training, self hosted servers and holes in the kitchen ceiling. It’s been quite a trooper.

So, dear bloggy, here’s a little card from me to you, celebrating our time together since your birth four years ago…

someecards.com - I'm sorry daylight savings means there is one less hour to celebrate your birthday today

And I got you this video message too.

You’ll have to click the link, I hope you don’t mind:

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2 responses to “Celebrating 4 Years of Bloggy Goodness”

  1. Jean Avatar

    Happy Bloggy Birthday! Im thriled to probably have been with it almost since the begining. (I totally missed my bloggy birthday..I was eye balls deep in finals.)


  2. jen@odbt Avatar

    Happy Birthday to your blog! it’s been a great 4 years…looking forward to more.