Our 2012 Summer Bucket List!

our summer bucket list

Last week I told you about the  Happy Family Movement’s 2012 Summer Bucket List Challenge where you can make a bucket list with your family and then link up with the Happy Family Movement to find great ideas for a fun and memorable summer and even win prizes in weekly drawings.

Happy Family Movement's Summer Bucket List ChallengeI sat down with Dan and the kids and we made a list of all the things we wanted to do this summer, writing down our ideas on colorful index cards in warm, summer colors. Then I found a large piece of cardboard (an old frozen pizza box actually – reduce, reuse, right?) and taped each card to the box and pinned it on our family bulletin board where we put calendars, lunch menus and school projects during the school year. Now each morning while we eat breakfast we can look at our list and decide what we’d like to do that day.

Our list includes ideas like:

breaking out the sprinkler, slip and slide or pool on a hot day ; going to a Mallards game, camping or flying a kite ; fishing, visiting family in MA (yay!) and going to the splash pad (a playground with sprinklers) ; getting ice cream from the ice cream truck, going to the playground, watching the sunset (or sunrise?) ; catch lightning bugs, go berry picking, have a lemonade stand ; make s’mores, watch fireworks, go to the beach ; go to the zoo, have a water gun fight and complete the Summer Reading Challenge again at our local library.

I tried to keep it simple with a lot of things I know we’ll do and would want to do on any given summer day, but threw in a few fun things that we haven’t done yet like going to a Mallards game together or catching lightning bugs and having a lemonade stand. I even put my money where my mouth was and bought tickets for a Mallards game so that we have no excuse not to go!

My son still has two weeks left of school, but thanks to our bucket list and the warm weather, we’re all looking forward to a funtastic summer together! What are your plans for this summer?