Proud Mom Moment #837

Did I show you guys this yet? I can’t remember. I was clearing off my desk this morning and stumbled across it again. That same feeling of pride and love that I felt after reading it the first time just washed over me all over again.

It was in reply to a little note that I left in his lunch box that clearly made his day because sometime that afternoon or evening he wrote this for me and left it on the living room table. I came home that night from … I can’t remember what now, but I know I was feeling absolutely spent and a little grouchy and I saw that on the table and picked it up to put with his other drawings and then LOOKED at it and realized it was for ME and it was the sweetest note I think I’ve ever gotten.

And, okay, proud mom moment – can we talk about the vocabulary on this kid and the spelling smarts? I’m sure he copied some of these words from somewhere else, but at the same time, I’ve seen him rattle off his spelling words after looking at them once, maybe twice, and having it down pat. He’s a smart cookie and a sweet cookie to boot – and aren’t those the very best kind?

It doesn’t take a lot to make somebody smile – to absolutely make their day 100% worth it. To make all the laundry folding and dish washing and floor sweeping and tantrum enduring moments totally, absolutely worth it.