Top 12 Photos of 2012

Now that 2012 is officially over and we’re all mostly recovered from ringing in the new year, let’s take a quick peek back at the year behind us before pushing forward into 2013.

You may remember that last year (I know that was sooo long ago) I recapped my favorite photos from each month – sometimes 5, sometimes 10 – it varied depending on the season and photos taken. Well now I’m going to narrow that down even further and share with you my one favorite picture from each month, i.e. my Top 12 Photos from 2012.


Enjoying our winter wonderland on 365 Project

Enjoying our winter wonderland… more or less. I love everything about this picture.


A Beauty Shot. on 365 Project

Another pretty picture of BB, of which you’ll notice I have many.


toddler diva chic. on 365 Project

March was a tough choice, I loved a LOT of the pictures I took and I feel a bit guilty showing three pictures of BB in a row, but this was one of my absolute favorite pictures from the whole year, so… Here is my favorite picture of MM in March.


extra: Happy Easter! on 365 Project

A picture of the kids in their Easter Best. Beautiful weather, beautiful happy healthy children. It doesn’t get any better than this.


That gorgeous girl of mine. on 365 Project

This was another month of fantastic pictures – so hard to choose just one!! This one wins for the eyes but if you haven’t seen this pic of MM yet you need to, it’s one of the cutest MM pics of 2012.


Take me out to the ballgame. on 365 Project

I took some gorgeous nature photos this month and a picture of the sky that still blows my mind but this picture of MM at a local baseball game absolutely takes the prize. It’s another one of my favorites of the year.


She's three: pretty, pretty princess. on 365 Project

We have a lot of fantastic memories from July what with the epic month-long vacation, multiple birthday parties for BB and a family wedding. This picture for me just captures the whole month, but I was very tempted to use this one from just days after returning home from the trip.


This picture from a trip to the zoo is a favorite of mine. I have a lot of similar pictures as this is pretty much their favorite thing to do at the river otter exhibit, so I’ve had a lot of practice perfecting the shot! This one came out perfect.


My little man. (again - how many times do you think I've used this title?) on 365 Project

My little man on his first day of First Grade. This was another month with great photos. Runner up goes to this cute picture of BB on a family walk.


Visiting the Hundred Acre Woods. on 365 Project

Oh man, this month was REALLY hard. When I bother to pull out my nice camera, amazing pictures tend to follow. Add to that an amazing Halloween, terrific family vacation and lots of great lighting and nature walks… Wow.


Happy Thanksgiving! on 365 Project

I took some awesome pictures of the kids on Thanksgiving so there were a lot of cute pictures this month and a lot of cute cell phone snapshots, too. My new phone yields pretty great photos, but I’m noticing my favorite pictures from each month were taken on my Nikon – I’ll need to remember that this year and make sure to pull it out each month and take some great photos.


An advent present from memere on 365 Project

We had so much fun opening gifts in our Advent Calendar from memere – this was the first day’s gift, jingle bells!

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