Our New Years Day Tradition: Family Photos at Daddy’s Office

Every year, since we moved here back in 2009, we have taken a trip to Dan’s office on New Years Day to take a family portrait. This year Dan’s family was visiting for the holidays so we all went and toured some of the new buildings that have gone up since they were last here.

Of course we started the visit with a couple trips down the giant slide. It was really fun to see kids and kids at heart having a blast going down the slide together.

There were quiet moments building puzzles…

And exciting moments riding on giant rocking horse statues.

And other horses, too.

Getting in extra cuddle time with everyone might have been the best part of all.

The debate is still out over which room was the most fun – the wild west room, the throne room, etc?

All were terrifically fun for mommy to photograph, that’s for sure.

We decided to take our family pictures in an Asian-themed building this year.

I really like how all of these came out – looking forward to picking one to frame soon.

This one was pretty fun, too!

Dan took this fantastic picture of me and the kids – it’s one of my favorites from the day.

And a really fun group photo under the Indian Headdresses :O)

By the time we finished, everyone was getting hungry so we bundled up and headed out in search of lunch. We had such a fun time touring Dan’s work this year – it’s quickly become one of my favorite annual traditions.

Pictures from 2011, 2010 (and this one) and 2012

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