Tuesday10: Handwriting in a Digital World.

This week’s Tuesday10 is all about things handwritten. How often do you write something by hand these days? It is amazing how little I find myself writing by hand compared to when I was a teenager passing letters with my friends constantly or even back in college writing poetry and studying for tests. I find myself wondering if my children will ever really need to know cursive and how much longer the handwritten word will be normal.

an interview with BBHere are some things that I still write by hand or have written by hand recently:

  1. my weekly meal plan – I have a little organizer pad from Target that I use just for mapping out my meals for the week along with a little itinerary of our plans for each day. While my main calendar is primarily Google Calendar and my grocery list is on my cell phone (this is my favorite grocery list app), I still write out our meals and plans for each day on paper.
  2. notes on Christmas cards – I don’t do this all the time but this past Christmas I included a personal handwritten note on all of the Christmas cards I sent out. It took several days and my hand cramped up a lot, reminding me of memorizing poetry for college courses many moons ago. But it meant a lot to me to include that personal touch and it was well worth the time and the hand cramps.
  3. board meeting notes – While I type up the agenda that we work with in my Women’s Group, I make most of my notes in the meeting by hand right on that agenda. Sometimes I’ll email myself a to do list if I’ve forgotten to bring a pen, but I prefer handwritten notes to go off of.
  4. Thank you notes – I am the worst at writing thank you notes, but when I do, they are hand written for sure!
  5. My kids’ names – I often write their names or other words for them to look at while they practice writing words.
  6. Little post it note scribbling around my desk – I have notes taken while researching things like kids’ classes, important numbers, phone numbers, serial numbers, etc. all over my desk.
  7. My signature – does signing my name with a stylus as the check out count as handwriting?
  8. Envelopes – I tend to use a return label for my address but I almost always hand write the address it’s going to.
  9. Love notes – Sometimes the hubby and I write each other little love notes, hand written for sure.
  10. Ummm checks? I write those sometimes. Did you know that I have never finished a box of checks before moving and needing to order a new set with different addresses. True story.

I’m a little bit saddened by how hard this was to fill in – how few things I hand write these days! Almost all of them revolved around mail, envelopes, cards, etc. When was the last time you hand wrote an actual letter? I’m honestly not sure myself! I used to write poetry by hand only, in fact I struggled trying to type a poem at all, but these days even that has become typed out instead. I’m not sure if this information truly bothers me but it definitely surprises me.

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