Thursday Evening: January 24, 2013

Dinner is cooking in the crock pot, the kids are watching Wild Kratts and momma has a few minutes to herself. I thought this was probably a good chance to get in some blogging time.

It’s been one of those blessedly lazy days:

I crawled out of bed semi early to see the magnificent sunrise outside BB’s window. She crawled into my bed this morning and said, “Mommy, mommy, the sky is red!” and after confirming that the sky was not “in bed” or “dead” or “a silly head” I followed her to her room and sure enough, we were having a beautiful sunrise. I ran back for my cell phone to snap a couple of pictures out her window before heading downstairs to get her a bowl of cereal.

We’ve been having a couple of very busy weeks around here with lots of cub scout commitments, Little Gym Show week on Monday night, and my usual assortment of fun events with my women’s club like our White Elephant Party and book club. I’ve been running around like crazy for weeks and now suddenly I look at my calendar and it’s, like, empty.

show week at the Little Gym

I know in a couple of weeks that we’ll be back to busy again but in the meantime I need to find a few fun things to fill our calendar with so that I don’t succumb to the urge to spend the next week in my bathrobe. I’ve got plans to maybe attend a couple of yoga classes finally and to take BB to the library for sure. Maybe I’ll sign her up for a library story time or sign myself up for an exercise class. Not sure – the winter months are so hard to commit to because a snow storm or a cold snap can interfere with scheduled plans but not scheduling plans tends to lead to…. not doing anything. So I’m looking around and trying to come up with some fun ideas.

The family unit has a few fun things in store in the coming months. I’ve been planning our summer camping trip, and hopefully another spring break weekend getaway again if we can swing it. We’re also planning to have a Family Playdate soon with some good friends of ours and in a couple of months my little boy is turning SEVEN years old. Can you even believe that? He has set his heart on having a sleepover birthday party with a few of his closer friends and amazingly his parents said yes. We’re probably doomed.

Other Things I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You

I won a giveaway for a gift card to Shabby Apple from Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? which is kind of amazing because I’ve been drooling over their dresses for years now and finally had an excuse to get myself something. I just ordered myself a proper LBD called the Lindy Hop and I am now going to stalk my mailman daily until it arrives. Then I’ll need to plan a date night with the hubby so that I have an excuse to wear it somewhere other than the grocery store.

Also did I mention that I installed Windows 8 on my computer? If you know me, I imagine you are rolling your eyes and calling me a hypocrite right now. I know. I’m a little ashamed. But they are offering a $40 upgrade through the end of the month and luckily I didn’t delete my Windows 7 partition when I bought my computer. The new OS has been running pretty well and though it’s taking some getting used to, I think it was the right thing to do for now. Linux and I have been quietly fighting for awhile now and I can’t afford to buy a new Mac, so… Yeah. That happened.

I decided to write a children’s chapter book geared towards 1st-3rd graders and initially tried to just start writing and hope a plot showed up. Then I found myself writing about shopping for towels at Target. Really? That’s really what you think 7 year old boys want to read about Jen? I have spent the last week brainstorming for an actual story idea and I think I’ve come up with something worth pursuing though it’s not necessarily a new idea I think I can have fun with it and it’s a lot more interesting than shopping for towels. I at least have two boys in my home that are eager to read what I come up with.

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