Draw me a picture of something you LOVE.

It’s too cold to venture outdoors this morning so I had to get creative about how to fill our day today. I decided to do a quick little arts & crafts project with BB after breakfast. It’s been awhile since we’ve spent some time just coloring and drawing together and with today being the last day of January, I had the perfect project for her to work on.

I bought a 2013 calendar at a craft store that had a blank square on each month for kids to draw their own calendar picture. I knew my kids would love the idea but I also found out in January that I am lazy and I never did ask the kids to draw a picture for January. To break the cycle I had BB draw a picture for the month of February and I’m guessing that now that the trend has been established that the kids will be asking me to color future months so I won’t have to be the one to remember.

My direction for this was simply asking her if she’d please draw me a picture for our calendar. I suggested she draw a picture of something she loves, talking to her a little bit about Valentines Day. Then while she worked I brought out a little top secret Valentines Day project I’m working on for Dan. We were both armed with some makers and time for creativity. She was thrilled to watch me work on a project for daddy and I made sure to ask her about her work. She says it’s all about how she’s going to marry me and MM is going to marry daddy and then she and MM are both going to marry our next door neighbor’s kids. Of course.

It may not look like much of anything in particular but she put a LOT of work into this and a lot of time and thought. Each color was quite specifically chosen and there are lots of stories to go along with each little scribble. And I got to spend some quality time coloring / drawing with my little girl and nothing tops that. :O)