Top Pictures from January 2013

I decided to continue recapping some of my favorite pictures from each month, but since I’m not doing a 365 project this year, I am going to loosen the reigns on things a bit. You may notice several pictures from the same day and the number of pictures featured each month may vary.

Here are my favorite photographs from January:

Our 2013 family photo, taken on New Years Day at Dan’s work.

I just love this picture of me with the kids, taken on the same day. I got a lot of amazing pictures that day, likely because I took the REAL camera and not just my cell phone. Note to self: do that more often!

One of the cutest pictures of BB ever, probably. Another shot from New Years Day, but it kind of HAS to be featured as it may be my favorite picture from the month. And no we did not “pose” her for this shot, it was purely accidental magic that she chose to sit that way and then sit still just long enough for me to get a picture! If she’d only sat still a couple more seconds, I might have gotten a picture where her hand wasn’t cropped off in the middle!

I know the quality of this cell phone snap shot isn’t the greatest (though certainly not the worst either – haven’t cell phones come a majorly long way?) but there’s something about this photo that tugs at my heart strings a bit. Perhaps the slight revealing of his missing teeth or the way he’s holding his scarf and it’s blending in with his mittens a tad… The fantastic hat?

Does this picture really need any explanation?❤

I did a pretty terrible job getting high quality pictures of BB’s Show Week at the Little Gym but this blurry shot really does say it ALL in a lot of ways and I love the various cell phones capturing the moment. I actually kind of LOVE this picture in a major way.

I took this picture yesterday, on the last day of the month. I’ll be showing you some other cute shots soon from the same “photo shoot” of BB and her baby in matching tutus. I wish I’d used my real camera because the lighting was really great but despite the low quality photo, I am loving this shot.

Lastly this photo wins the prize for “favorite picture taken that’s not of my children”. One of the few this month as January is a month lacking in inspiration for me.

Here’s hoping that February finds more pictures taken with my sweet Nikon, more fun outings (meaning I hope the weather doesn’t keep us trapped inside as much) and maybe a trip to the botanical garden’s indoor garden for some much needed nature photography.