The Little Princess.

This morning my daughter was looking particularly cute in her tiara and Self Rescuing Princess t-shirt, so I grabbed my Nikon and asked to take her picture. I led her over to the big living room window for some pretty lighting and started snapping away.

When I got back to my computer I had a lot of cute pictures (check back next week for some cute Mommy & Me pictures on Monday) but these four were especially popping out at me. The lighting, the cuteness, it was just all working together perfectly. LOVE when that happens!

I opened up and made a quick collage. Their collage maker is one of my favorites and even better, it’s free! There are lots of fun options you can use to tweak the collage to perfection but I thought the standard 4 square was perfect for these pictures. These four will definitely be earning their own page in this year’s photo book!