Lunch Date Love : Mommy & Me Monday : Feb 11, 2013

Alternate Title: Lengths Jen Will Go To Avoid Left Turns Two pretty girls waiting to have lunch with our favorite handsome engineer aka daddy aka hubby. Funny story, we were visiting MM at his class and afterwards the traffic was so ridiculous that I lost patience waiting to make a left turn to go home…Continue reading “Lunch Date Love : Mommy & Me Monday : Feb 11, 2013”

The Top Secret Adventure Club by Highlights Magazine.

Is there anything better than getting something cool in the mail? I recently ordered a few subscription projects for MM, having been totally won over by Kiwi Crate and wanting to get him something fun, too. I ordered him a subscription to Little Passports and the Highlights Top Secret Adventures club. My husband was especiallyContinue reading “The Top Secret Adventure Club by Highlights Magazine.”

Thursday Morning: February 7, 2013

I thought I would take a minute to do a little Basic Blogging about our week. While I enjoy the last few sips of that delicious latte (photographed above), let’s chat about life, shall we? This weekend was the Super Bowl. I know a lot of people ate delicious food and watched the Beyonce ConcertContinue reading “Thursday Morning: February 7, 2013”

bargain love: CBTL Single Serve Beverage System

This story actually begins back in December when our Satellite dish lost it’s signal during a big snow storm right before Christmas. We thought we’d gotten all of our coverage back but noticed that the Doctor Who Christmas Special didn’t record and come to find out BBC America still had no signal coming in. WeContinue reading “bargain love: CBTL Single Serve Beverage System”

Tuesday10: Things I Can’t Live Without

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for a Tuesday10 link up. This week’s theme is things you can’t live without. I thought I’d write from the perspective of a Stay at Home Mom (I know, a novel concept, right?) who spends a lot of these cold winter days trapped at home with a crankyContinue reading “Tuesday10: Things I Can’t Live Without”

What has MM been up to lately? Your burning questions finally answered!

The downside to MM being at school all day is that I get far less pictures of him and less stories to share. I am with BB for basically 100% of the day and with MM for about 30% (that is totally a guesstimate so mathletes please don’t judge me or try to calculate ifContinue reading “What has MM been up to lately? Your burning questions finally answered!”