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momma loves: cherry berry yogurt bar

cherry berry yogurt bar

I recently discovered the coolest place, Cherry Berry Yogurt Bar. It’s a self serve yogurt bar with tons of frozen yogurt flavors to choose from and even more toppings. You pay by weight – so your fro yo sundae can be as indulgent or reasonable as you like.

The first thing I noticed walking into Cherry Berry, was the bright and colorful atmosphere. Bright reds and greens cover the walls and tables and chairs and you have the choice of sitting at basic tables, loungy couches or bars lining the outer walls. The kids immediately dove for the red bulbous plastic chairs that look like mini bean bags and the hubby and I sat on a comfortable couch. The cheerfulness of the place made it feel like spring even when there was snow on the ground outside.

cherry berry yogurt bar

Almost all of their flavors of frozen yogurt are 100 calories for a half cup serving. Knowing this makes it pretty easy to make an informed decision about portion control. I’ve been opting for the fruitier flavor yogurts and topping them with fresh fruits and a couple fun indulgences like graham cracker crumbs or hot fudge. My son and husband have been going nuts with candies and delicious indulgences. My three year old daughter tries to make the most colorful, pretty sundaes she can dream up with yogurt flavors like the orange creamsicle and strawberry. We haven’t made a combination we didn’t like yet and the flavors of frozen yogurt are all very good and true to their names.

choose your toppings!

I’ve found the cost to be pretty reasonable – we tend to get out spending around $15 for four people which isn’t super cheap or super expensive and the cost is well worth the experience. The last time we were there, we walked in on a birthday party in progress. It seemed like a really cute place to have a birthday party and the non-party customers didn’t seem to diminish their fun (nor did the party goers presence keep us from having fun). I am totally considering having my daughter’s fourth birthday party there!

Anybody else been to Cherry Berry or a place like this? I’m new to the yogurt bar game, but our family has quickly become fast fans of the concept.

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she & him : little snippets about my little & big kids

the pout

Lately BB likes to begin her statements as though you’ve already disagreed with her. Perhaps it’s a lack of napping or just a three year old phase that will pass (or not?) but she will march to whatever room I happen to be in, full on pout and begin sobbing something inane like, “But mommy, I realllllly wannnnnnt breakkkkfaaaaaast!” at 4:50 p.m. As though I’ve somehow already had a chance to tell her no or that I have somehow neglected to feed her all day.

“We’ll be eating dinner soon, sweetie. Let me finish this and I’ll start cooking.”

“But I don’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant dinner, I want breakfast!”

“Are you sure? I was going to make spaghetti and meatballs?”

“I don’t want spaghetti and meatballs!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Well what would you like?”

“Spaghetti and meatballs and SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Um, ok?


MM is still reveling in all of his new presents from his birthday over the weekend. We are swimming in legos and action figures and fun new games to play. Yesterday was all about Batman and Robin, some presents from my aunt & family. Batman and Robin were swooping through the air and saving the day against BB who played with the Lex Luther doll (when she wanted to). Meanwhile I had a crazy dog who thought that the kids were definitely playing with him and that he’d better jump around like a crazy person dog and try to get those toys that were obviously being offered to him. Dogs are fun.

Lastly, I’d just like to end this post with the statement that I’m so done with this crazy weather. Raining and pouring for days on end, thunderstorms and lightening and now snow coming again? Give it a rest, Mother Nature. I think you had better take a time out now.