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I don’t win awards very often, but when I do, I tend to give them to myself. This is kind of like the mother of all obligatory awards just for participating.

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high five for friday: april 26th


Happy Friday bloggy pals! It’s been a pretty busy week with a lot of sitting in waiting rooms and wishing I was drinking coffee (when I wasn’t drinking coffee). My car now has new all weather tires, a fresh oil change, new brake pads, no leaks in the transmission and it’s been freshly washed. And my bank account has a lot less money in it! But even in the most expensive, waiting room-filled weeks, there is some happy to be found. Here are my 5 photographed high points from this week:

1 : delicious coffee – is this one of my high fives every week? I suppose I wouldn’t be surprised. I sweetened mine a tad less this morning because I’m trying to cut back on my sugar intake.
2 : weather warm enough for playing in the backyard, big girls who are nearly outgrowing the play structures they used last year.
3 : awesome waiting rooms and clever children – why doesn’t she organize her toys this nicely at home?
4 : playing with puppy – he is in his glory with a new toy (I took it away three minutes later because he’d already nearly destroyed it – clearly this is the problem with inexpensive dog toys)
5 : still reeling from the amazing Rebecca Loebe house concert last weekend – my kids are going to be pretty disappointed when we don’t have an insanely talented singer songwriter come and sing to themĀ  waaaaay past their bedtimes this weekend.

Goals for today: go grocery shopping at the new to me grocery store in the next town, start the laundry (again, does it ever end?) and maybe wake up.

Goals for next week: take pictures of my son, sit in less waiting rooms, be outside more.

Have a great weekend guys!

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