Happy 4th of July

To all of my American readers, wishing you a very happy 4th of July! I hope your day is filled with festive fun – parades, BBQ’s, fireworks, watching Die Hard movies – whatever way you like to celebrate.

We watched some local fireworks Tuesday night in our neighborhood and we have a great view from our own backyard – which was very convenient this year as little BB was so not going to be fun to tote around until 9:30pm away from home!

We had a great time relaxing in our backyard, playing with yard games and backyard toys, eating a few fun snacks (frozen chocolate banana bites were a big hit!), mingling a bit with neighbors and then finally watching the fireworks. We had a great view and the kids loved it – I was actually pretty surprised that both kids stayed up late enough to watch them at all, but they were up for the whole thing and even better – they slept REALLY late on Wednesday morning! I should keep them up hours past their bedtime more often!

Today we are keeping it pretty low key with plans to grill dinner and make a chocolate mousse – and that’s about it! In years past we have done more, but with no family in the area we are taking the excuse to lay low!

How does your family celebrate 4th of July?